Cowra, Berrima become Instagram tourist attraction for stunning canola fields

Country towns renowned for growing canola have been bombarded with tourists hoping to get a social media snap while basking in the rolling golden fields where the flowers grow.

Tourists have been jumping in their cars and flocking to places like Cowra in the NSW Central West, and Berrima in the Southern Highlands, to get their next display picture.

But farmers of the golden crops have begged visitors to take pictures from afar – because their crops are being destroyed by tourists climbing fences and trampling the flowers.

Berrima farmer Peter Brooks told the ABC he saw dozens of cars pull up to his farm so their occupants could take photos from the right side of the fence, however some people wanted in on the action and trespassed onto his land.

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Berrima farmer Peter Brooks said some people broke through his fence to get photos in the canola flower fields.Source:ABC

Most of the visitors, like this couple, have been cautious of the flowers.Source:Supplied

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“On the three days of the long weekend, there was usually 30 to 40 cars parked on that stretch of the road for 10 hours of the day,” Mr Brooks said.

“We had 50, 60 people getting into the crop and you’d ask them to leave and they’d come back and be in it again.

“It’s a basic premise of life that you don’t trespass on other people’s property, not to mention there’s bees in there and snakes.”

During the October long weekend, with NSW residents still barred from leaving the state for Queensland, Tasmania, Victoria and Western Australia without being forced into hotel quarantine – residents are turning to their own state for a quick escape.

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The scenic shot has become popular on social media.Source:Supplied

Cowra, in the Central West region of New South Wales, recorded thousands of visitors to the area hoping to get among the golden flowers for the perfect Insta-worthy snap.

Local resident Douglas Houston told the Canberra Timesthat some groups travelled for at least four hours from Sydney to take photos of his crops before turning around and making the trip home again.

People are flocking to the canola fields.Source:Supplied

This new display picture trend is having an impact on canola farmers.Source:Supplied

“We’ve had a bunch of tourists coming (and) just looking at paddocks,” he said.

“They love it. There must be something about the yellow flower which just intrigues people.”

Cowra Tourism manager Belinda Virgo said visitors had come from far and wide to see the golden fields, but the majority of visitors came from Sydney, Canberra, Newcastle and the south coast.

Mr Brooks said that while the vast majority of visitors were abiding by the rules, he had witnessed other “rip” the mesh off his fence to access the fields.

“I don’t want to wreck it for anyone, I just want them to do it safely,” he said.

“Ninety-eight per cent of people are doing the right thing, but there’s always a few that just think they can do whatever they feel.”

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