‘Creep’ caught filming woman on flight

A woman captured the moment she confronted a “creep” who was allegedly secretly filming her during a Melbourne flight.

Anueta Madison-Vanderbuilt was flying on a Jetstar flight from Melbourne to the Gold Coast on Saturday when she noticed the man sitting a few seats over was trying to film her.

She uploaded the moment she confronted the man and forced him to delete the video to TikTok.

“This creep on a flight was secretly recording me for 10 mins and I caught him,” she wrote on the video.

In the video, Ms Madison-Vanderbuilt can be heard telling the man he had “one chance” to delete the video or she was going to call the police when the plane landed.

Ms Madison-Vanderbuilt forced the man to delete the video. Picture: its_anueta/TikTokSource:TikTok TikTok

The man quickly complies, appearing to delete the footage, with Ms Madison-Vanderbuilt then telling him to show her as he removed it from his deleted folder as well.

“You’re a f***ing piece of sh*t. I hope you know that,” she said.

The man then claimed he was just filming her for “10 seconds”.

“It wasn’t the whole time,” he said.

Ms Madison-Vanderbuilt then claimed anyone who thought this type of behaviour was acceptable is “part of the problem”.

“AFP got involved and thanked me for standing up to him yelling it on a crowded flight,” she wrote.

An AFP spokesperson told news.com.au officers were called to the Gold Coast Airport following reports of an incident on a flight.

“When the flight landed at Gold Coast airport, AFP officers spoke to airline staff and passengers on board,” the spokesperson said.

“AFP officers also spoke to a male person and cautioned him regarding the behaviour alleged.

“No criminal offences were identified and no charges have been laid.”

The spokesperson said AFP officer then assisted Ms Madison-Vanderbuilt to continue her journey.

The Melbourne woman uploaded the video of the confrontation to TikTok. Picture: its_anueta/InstagramSource:Instagram

Jetstar told news.com.au they requested the AFP to assist on arrival at Gold Coast Airport following a report from a passenger on board a flight from Melbourne.

Ms Madison-Vanderbuilt’s video received a mixed response, with some people praising her for standing up to the man, while others criticised her for filming him.

“Well done for putting a creep like this in his place,” one person wrote.

“I love that you called him out on it! You are so awesome and brave,” another said.

One added: “I can’t believe people are standing up for a sick person like this. You have every right to make others aware of things like this.”

But others claimed Ms Madison-Vanderbuilt shouldn’t have recorded the man and posted it online.

“The entitlement here … you’re literally recording him too,” one person said.

“Why are you recording him? You could have done this privately however you chose to put it on TikTok,” another wrote.

Another person told her she “asked for it” because of the things she posts online.

Ms Madison-Vanderbuilt hit back at those criticising her, saying the man knew what he did was wrong.

She hit back at people who criticised her for posting the interaction. Picture: its_anueta/InstagramSource:Instagram

“It just baffles me how people don’t understand what consent is. Two things: One, what he did was wrong. He did it secretly and with ill intent. He was hiding his phone. He admitted everyone to the police. He knew what he was doing was wrong, that’s why he was trying to hide it,” she said in another video.

“Number two, I don’t give a f**k what he was going to do with it. The point is he was invalidating my privacy while doing it. He wasn’t recording someone out there for fun in public, he was doing it secretly, hiding it, knowing he did something wrong.

“There is a difference between posting things online and consent. Posting things online of what you choose to put out there and then someone secretly recording you are two very different things. You need to do better. Learn what consent is.”

She also hit back at people who accused her of only filming the situation for “likes” online.

Ms Madison-Vanderbuilt quickly shut down these claims, saying the point of the video was to educate and to encourage women to stand up for themselves.

“I understand we as women have been taught to be polite and not draw attention and do it privately and be quiet. But that’s what perpetuates this behaviour and what continues it happening,” she said.

“I told the male passenger next to me who watched this guy do it for a few minutes and he said to me ‘Wow, I didn’t actually know this happens in real life. I’ve never seen it happen.’ I’m like, welcome to being a woman. This is because women don’t stand up, women don’t say things.

“Men, women, if you ever see this kind of behaviour, say something. Make it known that it is not OK. The more that we try to do it in private and all polite and sweet and nice about it. The more this will happen.”

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