Cruise guest describes the ‘cruise from hell’

While the majority of travellers enjoy their cruise holiday, there’s always the chance that something could go wrong.

A cruise guest has explained how the second cruise they ever went on became the “cruise from hell”.

The guest, ‘DrKoob’ on Reddit, wrote: “We now call it the cruise from hell. So many bad things happened, you would never believe it.

“Fights breaking out between passengers, almost missing our flight home because they wouldn’t let us off until 11am, our cabin attendant using our cabin as his personal bathroom and more. We vowed never to cruise again.”

It might sound unusual but fights on cruise ships do happen, particularly on lines where a lot of passengers are drinking heavily.

In June last year, a brawl that occurred on a Carnival Cruise Line ship allegedly involved around 60 passengers.

Although it can be impossible to avoid incidents like this, guests may find fights are less likely to break out on smaller lines.

When it comes to catching a flight home, it’s always a good idea to book the journey for the afternoon.

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Guests may be hard pushed to make a morning flight as large cruise ships can take a long time to disembark.

Some ports are also located a long way out from the airport and guests may get stuck in traffic as they try to reach their destination.

Guests will need to report any incidents with crew to the cruise line who will be able to deal with it.

Despite the “cruise from hell”, the guest said the trip hadn’t put them off cruise holidays altogether.

They said they booked another trip that “they loved”. They said: “It was the right cruise line, the right ship, the right passengers that matched our lifestyle. Made some lifelong friends that we are in contact with more than 20 years later.

“And in those 20 years we have taken 30 more cruises. We love cruising. Find a travel agent who specialises in cruises and let them guide you to a destination and find a ship and cruise line that better fits your tastes.”

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