Cruise guest mortified by passenger’s buffet behaviour

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On Reddit, cruise passengers have shared stories where they witnessed another guest get in trouble. One passenger said they had “never been so shocked” after seeing another guest’s terrible buffet behaviour.

The passenger said: “At the restaurant, a man was mad that they picked up his plate (it was literally empty) and he actually came up to the crew member and yelled and cursed at them, picked up the plate off the tray, and threw it on the ground.

“People yelled at him. Never once have I been so shocked. And just sad for that crew member. Personally, I think he should have been thrown off the ship.”

Crew members will usually clear passengers’ plates when they’ve finished eating but guests can always grab another plate if they want.

A cruise ship crew usually works very long hours and it’s important that guests treat them with respect.

Another passenger said: “No kidding. Hopefully that person gets at minimum blacklisted from boarding that cruise line ever again.”

Although cruise ships won’t always eject a passenger for bad behaviour, they could ban them from travelling on the line again.

This may happen if passengers break the ship’s rules or are rude and abusive to the ship’s crew or other guests.

Another guest shared their experience saying: “The most abnormal situation I have seen was when our stateroom neighbours were playing music loudly, either on the verandah or with that door open.

“Later, returning to our room, we saw the head stateroom attendant in their room with the main attendants, seemingly checking something.

“When we met eyes while we passed to our door, they asked us if we were travelling with those guests.

“We weren’t, and we said as much. Not sure what was going on there.”

Guests could get told off if they play loud music in their rooms or on their cabin balconies as it could disturb other passengers.

Cruise ships will usually have late night entertainment or a nightclub where passengers can go to enjoy music.

Another guest added: “On our last cruise, there was a guy screaming at his wife across the deck that he was going to divorce her.

“Apparently she was missing and his whole family had been looking for her and she was just chilling in the hot tub with a bunch of other people.

“He was screaming at her all kinds of things and security got there and escorted him off the deck.”

If passengers are being abusive or violent, security will step in to de-escalate the situation before people get hurt.

In the most serious cases, guests could be locked in the ship brig or jail until the ship reaches the next port.

Passengers could then be handed over to the relevant authorities or asked to leave the ship at the next destination.

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