Cruise guests warn passengers never to fly into port on day of departure

Going on a cruise can be incredibly exciting as you gear up for a week or more of sun, exploration and all-you-can-eat food.

You’re likely to be sailing between multiple gorgeous destinations or ports filled with fun things to do.

Some holidaymakers may even have opted for a nudist cruise where they can throw their clothes off for a week of nakedness.

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While others may prefer to keep things family friendly on a character-laden Disney cruise.

However, frequent sailors have issued a warning to those booking cruises this year, reports the Express.

They say to be extremely careful when choosing your flight times to arrive at the port of departure.

Over on Reddit, a newly to the world of cruising asked: “Is it safe to fly into port the morning of the day of departure?

“And if so, what time should you plan on arriving?”

Many of the veteran cruisers advised them to fly into their port city earlier than the morning of departure.

Some warned that they had even missed their cruise ship attempting this.

One person said: “We missed our embarkation in 2019. Thought we had lots of time.

“Our first flight was delayed, causing us to miss our connection, arriving in Montreal with no flights to get us there before the ship left.”

While another added: “I have done that once, do not recommend it.

“Unbelievably stressful, especially when for some reason you can’t get an Uber to the port.”

Many advised the person to fly into the port town the day before and stay in a hotel overnight.

A holidaymaker wrote: “My husband and I personally do not fly in the morning of. We always save up to fly in the day before and stay at a nearby hotel.

“If you have the budget I highly recommend you do that. It could save you a lot of unnecessary stress.”

A second added: “Arriving the day before is much less stressful and the way to go in a lot of people's opinions, mine included.

“One delayed flight and you're scrambling to try and catch the ship at its first port stop.”

A third exclaimed: “It's HIGHLY not recommended. Too many risks of missing connections or delays. The ship WILL NOT wait for you.”

Some even mentioned that the Covid-19 pandemic and summer of travel chaos had made the move more risky.

A cruiser noted: “I’d consider it if you were on the first flight out and it was direct.

“Anything other just adds to your risk. Especially since flights still aren't back to pre-covid reliably.”

But, another frequent sailor had some advice which is more likely to ensure you don’t miss your cruise.

They commented: “It’s only a risk if you book the airfare independently. Book the airfare through the cruise line and you are guaranteed to get there or a full refund.”

This is, of course, dependent on the cruise line and their individual policies so check if this is the case before booking.


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