Cruise passenger ‘left stranded on island’ after she got drunk and fell asleep

A woman claims her cruise ship departed without her and left her stranded on an island after she got drunk.

The tourist, who posts on TikTok by the name "Phfame", was on Celebrity Cruises for a three-day trip to Mexico.

The cruise docked at the island of Cozumel where the woman joined her fellow tourists to enjoy the beautiful beach bars and sunshine.

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In her viral video, she is seen panning the camera out to sea.

She said: "Y'all my boat left me, Celebrity Cruises. What in the f*** am I supposed to do? I am literally stuck on an island."

Viewers were stunned as some shared their thoughts in the comments.

"You got to be late late for that boat to be that far out," one wrote and a second said: "And think about it… that’s zoomed in.

"You know how slow ships move? And to be that far out, yeah you must be around two hours behind."


A third suggested: "Do what Tom Hanks did in Cast Away, he got home!"

Others reminded the TikToker that it is always important to be on time.

A person shared: "Cruise ships don't wait for anyone, that's cruising 101."

Another said they always get back on the ship an hour, sometimes two hours, before the boarding time.

"Phfame" later gave updates and explained that she got drunk and fell asleep on the beach after "listening to good music".

Luckily she made it back to the cruise ship after meeting them at the next port.

The Royal Caribbean, who owns Celebrity Cruises, stated on their website that guests who miss their cruise due to travel delays can contact the Emergency Travel Team (ETT) to discuss their options going forward.

"In specific situations, when the guest has the proper documentation, it is possible to join the cruise at the next port of call, but all options must be discussed with ETT," it said.

"You may be responsible for any expense incurred to meet the ship at its next port of call."


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