Disabled Ryanair passenger says he had to ‘crawl’ off plane without wheelchair

Ryanair has been criticised on social media after a wheelchair user alleged he was made to “crawl” off his flight.

Posting on Instagram, Adrian Keogh shared a snap of himself shuffling down the stairs leading from the plane to the tarmac.

A Twitter user shared the post tagging Ryanair and racking up over 5,000 likes.

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Adrian claims he landed in Landvetter Airport, in Gothenburg, Sweden, at 11pm at night.

He wrote: “I am, as some may know, a full-time wheelchair user and paid extra for special assistance to be lifted off the plane down to my wheelchair.”

However, Adrian claims this did not happen.

The holidaymaker added: “It’s unacceptable to expect me to crawl down the steep metal steps, but on arrival I was informed that it would be at least one hour before they would have the lift available to help me off the plane.

“What option had I, but to crawl off the plane.

“The Landvetter authorities blamed Ryanair and Ryanair blamed Landvetter.”

Ryanair claims that special assistance does not cost any extra.

Adrian continued: “They especially didn’t want us taking the picture.

“I am not looking for anything only the service I paid for and to be able to travel with dignity.”

Adrian asked people to share the post to “highlight the struggle wheelchair bound people have to deal with.”

In the comments on Twitter people weighed in on the matter.

Angela O’Beirne said: “It’s not down to the airline to provide assistance, it’s the airport.

“We request it through the airline usually when we book.

“The airports don’t have enough staff or lifts to get us off aircraft.

“Sadly too many airlines don’t use airbridges due to cost, meaning more lifts needed.”

While Emma Rose Murgey said: “Cheap doesn’t mean accessibility should go out the window.”

Sorca O’Brien added: “Maybe flights are cheaper but when you require assistance for disability it’s a right – note the person also paid for the service of assistance so there’s that.”

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A pilot, named Andrew noted: “As a Ryanair Captain, trying to ensure that assistance arrives at the aircraft for those passengers that have booked it is a nightmare, we have to use the airports nominated agent and they rarely have enough equipment or personnel to do the job properly.

“In no way am I defending this passengers treatment just trying to provide some context.

“We have exactly the same problem when travelling with our daughter who also relies on assistance to board and disembark.”

Lynda Thomspon said: “It’s terrible airlines, airports and TSA have little respect or support for disabled and violate the rules on such. I hate to fly.”

A spokesperson for Ryanair told Daily Star: "Special assistance at Landvetter Airport is managed by a third-party provider – not Ryanair.

"We are currently looking into this with Landvetter Airport."

Landvetter Airport have been contacted for comment.


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