‘Don’t feel bad for not having fun’ – influencer talks ‘stressful’ holidays

A body positive influencer and model recently spoke up about finding holidays “difficult” and “stressful”.

Nelly London, who has a whopping 503,000 Instagram followers, @_nelly_London, shared the confession on her Stories.

The model, often posts snaps of herself in lingerie and swimwear to promote self-love and acceptance of “realistic” bodies.

But, this week, she decided to admit that she doesn’t always find holidays easy or relaxing.

Sharing snaps of herself doing yoga in a one-piece swimsuit, Nelly said: “You know what, travelling is really f***ing stressful.

“Yes, it’s a privilege (a massive one) and can be a joy and adventure is just amazing, but my God, it’s stressful.”

She elaborated: “I feel like we’re not supposed to say that because time away is so exciting and we save up money and we plan all the fun we’re going to have and there’s so much hype.

“But when we got here last night I can confirm I had zero excitement and was having no fun what so ever and that’s fine.”

Nelly noted: “I guess my point is: don’t feel bad for not having fun on holiday, at least for the first day or so, it can be a lot and it’s okay to just say you know what, I found that journey really difficult and it’s going to take me a minute to come back down from it. “

The model, who recently revealed she’d undergone a ninth boob job to correct previous botched surgery, revealed she was currently in the Middle East.

She said: “I’m in Dubai. It’s a weird one. I’m here with family to see more family.

“We have family all over the Middle East and some of them are here.

“It’s really conflicting because I obviously love seeing them, but I am aware of the aspects that don’t align with my beliefs what-so-ever, so wanted to let you know why I was here.”

She’s not the only influencer to claim that travel and holidays are stressful.

Cansel Özyalcin, 23, who lives in Germany, spends £12,000 a pop on luxurious trips, but also said that it can be difficult.

She said: “On vacation, where you should actually relax and rest as a normal person, you start to work even harder as an influencer.

“You want to do as many stories as possible to let the community participate and visit the best locations to shoot the most inspo photos possible.”

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