easyJet flights: Cabin crew must follow these strict criteria – bizarre job rules revealed

easyJet staff are easily recognisable thanks to a striking orange uniform – yet that is not the only similarity for airline employees. Those representing the budget airline as cabin crew are selected for the role with a stringent criteria, which means there are more commonalities than you might think. The regulations came to light as easyJet, which operates from a variety of airports in the UK, released job application details for cabin crew in Scotland. First up, it stated potential stewards and stewardesses must be at least 5’2” in height.

It also states staff must have “the continuing ability to be able to fit into an aircraft jump seat harness which measures 106cm across the lap and 157cm from shoulder to waist.”

Therefore it suggests they must have a relatively standard health and eating regime.

Appearance-wise, cabin crew must not have any visible piercings or tattoos, which they are not able to cover up.

Meanwhile they must be adept at swimming, too, and able to swim 25 metres without help, presumably for if the craft needs to make an emergency landing on water.

If they fulfil all of the above, and get the easyJet gig, staff can enjoy unlimited staff travel across the network, easyJet Plus membership and 10 per cent commission on on-board sales.

Recently express.co.uk clarified the hand luggage limitations for the budget airline, compared to its rivals such as Ryanair.

Additionally easyJet has warned passengers they will not be able to take a particularly key piece of electronic equipment as hand luggage, in a new stipulation which could catch many passengers out.

The budget airline announced the huge changes on its website this week and it could see travellers requested to take action over their Apple Macbook Pro devices.

easyJet updated their website with the electronic alert and encouraged travellers to be aware.

It stated: “In light of the recent EASA guidance customers are advised that they are not allowed to switch on or charge older generation 15-inch MacBook Pro units supplied by Apple Inc, between September 2015 and February 2017 during their flight.”

The EASA guidelines added: “Only selected product serial numbers are affected.

“Apple has offered to replace the batteries for eligible devices free of charge.”

The advice added: “If such a device is taken on board, the passenger is required to keep it switched off and not use or charge the device.

“Passengers should also be reminded to inform cabin crew immediately when a device is damaged, hot, produces smoke, is lost or falls into the seat structure.”

A spokesperson for easyJet added to Express.co.uk: “In light of the recent EASA guidance concerning MacBook Pros, customers are not allowed to switch on or charge older generation 15-inch MacBook Pro units supplied by Apple Inc between September 2015 and February 2017 in flight.

“This guidance is highlighted on our website and the cabin crew will make PAs onboard to advise customers.”

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