English village described as the ‘prettiest’ and most magical place in UK

Lacock: Ariel views show village in Wiltshire

Have you ever wanted to visit Hogwarts? Lacock may then be the perfect destination for you as this village was one of the key locations for the Harry Potter movies, but there is more to this beautiful picturesque place than its Hollywood fame.

Lacock is an 800-year-old village located in Wiltshire, England, about two and a half hours from west London. It is unique as it feels like it has been trapped in time, as it is entirely owned by the National Trust in order to preserve the number of medieval homes and buildings in the area.

This storybook village has the perfect countryside atmosphere with its stone brick cottages, overflowing flowers, and many honesty boxes surrounding the area, filled with local vegetables, homemade bakes, and fresh jam.

Alicia Cooper, a travel blogger and photographer has urged people to go visit Lacock. In a video online, Alicia said: “If you’re a Harry Potter fan, you absolutely need to visit the village of Lacock in the Cotswolds region of England. This little village was used for many of the scenes in the Harry Potter movie.

“But the film set aide, Lacock is also a super cute village to explore. I’d really recommend going to the bakery and getting a lardy cake which is a local thing in the area. Be sure to get a small piece because it is very heavy but it’s super delicious.”

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Why visit Lacock?

According to Country Living, Lacock is one of the “prettiest” villages in the UK where “both magic and history come to life” due to its amazing medieval architecture.

It has appeared in many big British films and shows such as the 2007 Pride and Prejudice movie, The Other Boleyn Girl, and Downton Abbey, but is most famous for being the location of the Harry Potter films, where a lot of the classroom and corridor scenes were filmed.

The area is not only the perfect place to take pictures, but it is also the birthplace of photography as scientist William Henry Fox Talbot took the first ever photograph inside Lacock Abbey.

The Abbey is a beautiful quirky estate that was originally a 13th-century nunnery that was founded by Ela Countess Dowager of Salisbury, a notable historical figure in medieval history as being a woman who had significant power during the time period. The Abbey was turned into a home for the Fox Talbot family and now holds a museum where visitors can learn more about the invention of photography as well as explore the medieval cloisters and beautiful Gothrick Hall.

Lacock Abbey is also known for its beautiful botanic garden which features old apple trees set amongst wildflowers as well as a prized rose garden. Lacock is also known for its yearly scarecrow festival which helps raise funds for the local primary school.

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What is there to do in Lacock?

There is nothing more cosy than having a drink at a historic rural pub, and Lacock is home to the St George Inn, which dates back to 1361. The pretty picturesque pub has mostly been unchanged and features a big medieval fireplace as well as being dog friendly. It holds a wide variety of drinks but is proud of its award-winning Wadworrh ales, which has been brewing in Wiltshire since 1875.

The Red Lion is another place to have a drink in Lamcock and is best known for being heavily featured in the Pride and Prejudice movie.

Lacock has a variety of small shops which sell handmade items such as soaps, and artwork as well as local produce such as jars of jam and cakes. Not only can you buy fresh and delicious foods but you can support the National Trust in doing so.

Some of the most notable shops in the area are Quintessentially English, Lacock Bakery, Coco Chemistry, Barty’s Little Eco Shop, and a National Trust gift shop.

Visitors can enjoy dairy ice cream made from milk from the local Marshfield farm at the Stables cafe, which includes flavours such as Chocoholic Heaven, Honey, and Stem Ginger as well as Funky Banana.

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