‘Entitled teen and his friends ruined my 11-hour flight – so I got revenge’

Plane journeys can be exciting as you head off on holiday – but there are some aspects that can ruin the whole ride.

Rude fellow passengers, fidgeting people, crying children and loud chatters can all make a plane journey less pleasant.

Even if it’s not the person’s fault – like when a small baby is sobbing on-board – it doesn’t make it less uncomfortable to deal with.

After all, the ideal plane ride is quiet, calm and filled with people who respect privacy and boundaries.

But, that’s not always what you get which one teenager found out while on an overnight trip, reports the Mirror.

After 11 hours of being elbowed and annoyed by another passenger the young woman came up with a sneaky revenge.

Posting on Reddit, she went viral after sharing her dastardly response.

The 19-year-old explained that she was sat next to some students on the flight as her aunt got her a discounted ticket due to working for the company.

She wrote: "I was in an aisle seat in the middle row of the plane, and probably the only non-camper of that section.

“Seated directly in front of me was a teenage boy.

“He was one of the campers, and at most 16 years old. I never learned his name, but let's call him Kevin.”

The woman continued: “About two hours into the flight, I decided to close my computer, turn off the plane tv, and try to get some sleep.

“I don't like sleeping on planes, but I still somehow managed to.

“I was woken up a while later by someone talking. Loudly.

“I opened my eyes to see that Kevin was wide awake, happily chatting with the girl next to him and the guy across the aisle from him.

“I checked the time, thinking we were close to landing, only to find out it had been less than an hour since I'd fallen asleep.”

She was fuming, but assumed they would soon stop talking – but they sadly didn’t.

The passenger added: “While the other two people were also to blame, Kevin was especially loud. The volume of his voice was similar to that of a 10-year-old on a school bus.

"I politely, but firmly, asked Kevin and his crew to either turn it down or stop talking, since there were other people on the plane and we were all trying to sleep.

“They stopped for about 15 minutes, during which I almost managed to fall back into blissful sleep. But then they resumed their conversation, Kevin loud and proud.”

She was unable to sleep for the rest of the flight due to the children’s behaviour.

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The lass added: “Not only did Kevin laugh and scream the entire time, but he also wouldn't stop moving.

“He'd bounce on his seat, stretch his arms and legs, and just generally flail his limbs around.

“He would constantly move on and off his side, and his elbow would dig into my knees every time he did.

"He'd also throw his arm backward and hit the touchscreen tv, turning its bright light on before my eyes and forcing me to wake up and turn it off."

Apparently he also elbowed her in the face while in the aisle – she gave him “the worst, most hateful death glare I have ever given anyone in my life” which made him stop laughing.

Amazingly though, that’s not where their story ended as two weeks later on the flight home the young woman found herself sat right by Kevin once again.

She giggled: "As I was waiting in line to check in, I saw Kevin with his friends.

“We made eye contact, and I could see he recognised me.

"His eyes widened and I could've sworn I saw him gulp. I didn't register that until the flight, hours later.

“He was seated in front of me again, but this time, he was quiet and stiff as a board.”

The woman realised that the boy was “scared” of her and added: "Needless to say I had a great, restful flight, as did everyone else in that section.

“I sincerely hope Kevin learned something from this."

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In the replies people shared their opinion on the matter.

One person said: "Omg ''that look' can cut deep or scare the c**p out of us."

"I would have absolutely lost my s**t at Kevin's thoughtlessness," another noted. "So rude! Especially with the gloating he displayed the following morning!"

But, a third added: "But you should also have learned from this. Ever heard of earplugs?"

Another commented: "This is why I bring ear plugs, and i don't understand the fear of not confronting someone that is purposely annoying, you were polite first, that's fine, then enforce it."

What would you do in this scenario? Tell us in the comments…


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