Ex-flight attendant shares best seat to pick in economy and tips on free upgrade

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Holiday bookings are on the rise as the end of lockdown is in sight – but which plane seat should you be booking?

This could be the time to grab a bargain flight ticket and a former air hostess has shared her honest opinion to find the best seat if you fly in Economy class.

Sandra Kwon, who worked for over two years for Emirates, often shares flying tips on her TikTok @jeenie.weenie. One of her most popular clips featured her explaining the ultimate seat to bag in Economy class.

Giving an example of a two-section cabin, Sandra dives straight in and says: "The first elimination should be a no-brainer – the middle seats suck, so let's get rid of all the middle seats.

"The back rows of every section do not recline so let's get rid of those seats."

She admits that she is not a tall person and doesn't need the extra leg room so the seats on the emergency exit row are out of question.

And she adds that those seats tend to have "filmsy TV and tables".

"Due to weight distribution of the plane, they always fill up the first section first before the last section, which means you will have a higher chance of a full row of extra seats on the back," the ex-flight attendant continues.

"And for those odds, I prefer the back."

With the whole front section crossed out, Sandra is left with six columns of seats – two by the windows and four by the aisles.

She carries on: "Seats near toilet stinks like s***, I recommend a five row buffer just to be in the safe zone. So let's just eliminate those rows.

"This is for something personal, I hate asking someone else to move just so I can use the toilet. For that I eliminate all the window seats."

To make sure she can get a meal of her choice, she chooses the seats at the front because flight attendants "typically serve from the front to the back".

And after all the careful consideration, Sandra concludes: "So now due to the process of elimination, we now have my ideal seat choice – seat 49 C,D,F or G."

As the seat number is just based on the sample seating plan, she states that all plane configurations are different but "the logic on the seat choice will be the same".

In an interview with Daily Star, Sandra also gave tips on how you can upgrade to Business class for free.

She said: "Techniques I've seen work are solo travellers that are 'dressed' nice and those signed up for the airline's frequent flyer programs usually get first dibs.

"Kindly asking the gate agents if any free upgrades are available, [and mention] special celebrations i.e anniversary.

"I did a skit on how a passenger gave a box of chocolates to crew members and got a free upgrade."

Being nice to the crew not only gives you a chance for a free upgrade, you might also be able to try First Class food as well, she told this site.

Sandra says: "For long haul flights, if you are nice to the crew, they sometimes will share extra food from Business or First class with you.

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"If you have a special diet you can also order during booking to ensure you get your desired meal.

"The best time to ask for extra goodies is when service is over and you see crew hanging out in the back of the plane.

"Emirates had an open bar so we got creative with drinks and had fun with passengers. Sometimes we were also stocked with cup noodles and extra snacks so you just need to ask!"

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