Exclusive: See stunning pics from the National Wildlife 2020 photo contest

Photography can bring to light the furthest corners of the world even if travelers can’t explore them on their own amid the coronavirus pandemic. 

And the diversity of life across the globe is on full display in the National Wildlife Photo Contest put on by the National Wildlife Federation and its National Wildlife magazine. The federation, which calls itself America’s largest conservation organization, today announced and shared photos from the winners of its 49th annual contest. 

Alex Rose of Woodridge, Illinois, won the grand prize in the contest with a stunning photo of a swimming American crocodile with its mouth partially open and teeth displayed in front of a setting sun in Jardines de la Reina, an archipelago off Cuba’s southern coast.

Rose was there to document sharks and promote their conservation and ended up photographing the crocodile from inches away. “These wild animals are so powerful and impressive,” Rose said in a statement, urging people to respect the animals rather than fear them.

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