Expert warns Brits to always check for bed bugs especially if you see rusty dots

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    A bed expert has revealed the five easy ways to check if there are bed bugs in your hotel room.

    The critters have recently invaded Paris, with some streets becoming full of infested mattress mountains. Unsurprisingly, it's sparked concerns that Brits heading to France and returning to the UK could bring back unwanted visitors.

    Bed bugs are a nasty little problem that sometimes affects soft furnishings – and when hundreds of people stay somewhere the risk of an infestation increases. They're small, oval and brownish insects with flat bodies – about the size of an apple seed. They typically bite areas of the body that are exposed whilst sleeping, like the head, arms, and legs, causing clusters of red raised bumps with a dark spot in the middle.

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    Luckily, according to one expert there are some easy ways to check if there are any critters when you first arrive at a hotel room.

    Martin Seeley, CEO at MattressNextDay warns that all holidaymakers should "check out their mattress before they climb between the sheets for the first time in a new bed" and instantly speak to hotel staff if you have any concerns."

    Check out the five biggest signs there are bed bugs below…

    Rust-coloured dots on the mattress

    Unfortunately, this is as gruesome as it sounds. When the bugs get squashed, they release a lot of blood, especially around the seams of mattresses – which is where they tend to hide.

    These spots can start to look a rusty colour the longer they have been there. Ensure both sides of the mattress are free from any blood stains before hitting the hay.


    It may sound obvious that spotting eggs would be a tell-tale sign of a bug infestation but they’re not always hiding in plain sight. The eggs are tiny and can be found in numerous places, not just on the mattress.

    They are about 1mm wide and are often a pale yellow colour. If you do find any of these eggs, it could mean the bed bugs are still very much alive and this should be reported immediately.

    Dark spots on walls

    Although this is slightly less common, bed bugs can also leave stains on walls too. If you do notice any dark spots this could be bed bug excrement.

    Make sure not to touch any of the affected areas and notify the hotel or apartment staff straight away.

    A musty odour

    You may have been to a hotel that smells a little strange before but the odour excreted by bed bugs is certainly distinguishable. If the bedroom area has a strong, musty and unpleasant odour. This could possibly come from a bed bug’s scent glands and is strongest when there are large amounts of bugs present. Always err on the side of caution when it comes to a smelly room and check for other signs too.

    Worn or aged upholstery

    Old fabrics that may not have been cleaned thoroughly or are possibly second-hand could house a family of bed bugs.

    If the place you’re staying is of a slightly older nature or a boutique style, it’s always best to double-check the fabric and furnishings before settling in.

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