First Dates’ Fred shares his ‘no-brainer’ tip for British tourists and favourite holidays

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Fred is collaborating with Beware of the Bugs to remind British tourists to get their vaccinations before heading off on holiday. found that over 60 percent of over 55s don’t research vaccinations or local diseases before a trip. Malaria, yellow fever and hepatitis are just a few of the threats Britons need to be aware of.

Fred told “I remember my mum and dad taking me to get vaccinations and it was always instilled in me that it was very important.

“Vaccines are safe, they’re sound, it’s very very simple. The science has been proven for centuries now.

“Get a jab and you get a sore arm for a few days. It’s a no brainer. What’s happening during the pandemic with vaccine hesitancy is crazy.”

Although Fred has never had any serious health scares abroad, he did recall one food poisoning incident in Indonesia.

He said: “When I was in my late 20s, I went to Indonesia on a backpacking trip. I had all the vaccinations I needed, but I really do love to eat.

“I saw this beautiful street food and I ate this wonderful chicken and then I turned round to see the guy was washing the plates in this dirty bucket.

“And that evening, I spent the whole night in the toilet.”

According to research, those aged 55+ are currently more likely to go exploringthan younger Britons.

Fred said: “I think that’s logical because of what happened during Covid and the fact that we couldn’t leave the house.

“When you’re young you think you can’t die, you’re invincible and you will be healthy and live on forever.

“When you get to a certain age, you know that’s not true and you know you’ve got no time to lose.”

Passionate about travel, Fred goes exploring as often as his busy TV schedule allows. He shared his favourite destinations with, saying: “I love to go to Paris. I love the way people move there, I love the food.

“You go to Paris and you’ll find you don’t need a guide there. You can just go and randomly stop at a restaurant and it will have good food.

“I was there three weeks ago and I was sitting on the steps of the Opera. There’sa group of French people who gather there every week on Friday night around 10 o’clock and they dance the tango.

“It’s the purity of the movement, it’s the love of the dance and they just move their body and they’re fully immersed in it.

“It’s so beautiful to watch. And I stood there mesmerised for 45 minutes watching these people.”

Fred told it’s easy to forget about all the UK’s wonderful staycation destinations when you live there.

He said: “About three months ago I went to Hastings with my son because I wanted to see where the battle took place.

“It’s quite extraordinary to be there, I love history and it was incredible to be there. Maybe there’s a bit of rain but then it just washes your brain of all those tricky things and you feel refreshed and invigorated.

“You fill yourself with happiness and joy, which is so important.” is a one stop shop for travel vaccinations.

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