First look at epic new Thorpe Park rollercoaster – the UK’s fastest and tallest

Thorpe Park resort has given a sneak peek of its latest major project. The theme park will be launching the "tallest and fastest" rollercoaster in the UK next year – and its name and soundtrack has finally been revealed.

The British theme park, based in Surrey, has been teasing adrenaline junkies for months with hints at the brand spanking new ride. But, up until now it has been code-named Project Exodus and fans have been keeping an eye on construction to see what they’ll experience.

However, last night – October 5 – Thorpe Park resort put out a new video showing the rollercoaster from the point-of-view of a ride. It also showed that the ride’s new name would be "Hyperia" with the added tagline "find your fearless". It's an exciting update that joins the park's new rollercoaster-themed cabins.

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In a video clip uploaded to X, formerly known as Twitter, the resort noted that the new ride would stand at 236ft tall and reach speeds over 80mph. In the video, a caption said: "Want to know how it will feel to ride? Let us show you."

In the video, the camera showed the rider "touch the sky" as it sped down from an enormous drop and immediately turning into a shallow inversion (that’s going upside down) as it fell. The rider carriage then shot back up at speed into a huge loop. The ride included a number of twists, drops, turns and spins before coming to a stop.

The exhilarating ride looks ready to have hearts racing and people screaming when it opens in the park in 2024. Thorpe Park’s account stated: "In '24 we're taking thrills to incredible new heights with 'Hyperia' – the UK's tallest & fastest rollercoaster. Book park tickets, hotel stays, or annual passes now to be amongst the first to experience."

In the comments, the theme park also unveiled a number of added pieces of information about the new ride. When asked if it was Egyptian themed, it said: "Nope! It's themed around our Fearless Goddess 'Hyperia' – her story is yet to be told."

Plus, it noted: "Hyperia has a double meaning. It's the name of our Fearless Goddess, plus it is indeed a hypercoaster." A hyper coaster is either a continuous-circuit roller coaster with a height or drop measuring greater than 200 feet or any complete-circuit roller coaster with a height or drop between 200 and 299 feet. Essentially it’s built for height, speed and airtime.

In the comments, Brits were buzzing to get on the brand new ride. One person said: "Looks awesome and very much looking forward to going on Hyperia!" Another wrote: "I can’t wait the soundtrack was great and can’t wait to ride Hyperia in 2024!"

Plus, fans from around the world were keen to try it too. One such person said: "I'm going to have to get my passport to come and test this beast, I'm a bit disappointed by the end of the layout and I've been very attached to the Exodus name, but this drop O-M-G."Another said: "I sense this coaster is gonna be incredible! Roll on 2024."

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