Flight attendant begs people to keep shoes on in flights due to ‘nasty’ risk

A member of cabin crew sharing flight secrets has warned passengers to keep shoes on during flights – but it's nothing to do with smelly feet.

There are plenty of rules when it comes to airports and airlines – whether it's the official 100ml liquids rule or social etiquette. Some such behaviour makes it into both camps – like not being drunk on a plane – while others are simply about respecting the passengers and crew around you.

TikTok flight attendant, Cierra Mistt explained one of the things she recommends passengers never do while flying. She emphasised that you should never take your shoes off while on-board – especially if you're not wearing socks, reports the Express. The US cabin crew member commented: "For the love of baby Jesus, keep your shoes on. Our planes are dirty and the liquid that you see on the bathroom floor is not water." Other flight attendants have previously confirmed that the liquid is, in fact, urine for the most part.

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In a debate by Conde Nast Traveller, one person said: "Here's the thing – Before you leave for the airport, you know very well that you're getting on a plane. So prepare accordingly by wearing comfortable shoes. I can sort-of-kind-of-maybe get behind people slipping off their shoes and putting on thick, fresh socks while dozing off. But walking around the plane? No way. Between the nasty carpet and the bathroom floor, you're soaking up more germs than you need to, not to mention grossing everyone out who has to walk in your path."

They're not the only two people to have warned holidaymakers against the gross behaviour. Pilot Patrick Smith of Ask the Pilot told Travel + Leisure : "Cabins are cleaned prior to every flight, but that will be more perfunctory on a quick turn when there are only 15 or 20 minutes to get it done."

"An important part of the airline industry is turnover," said a former cabin crew member. "This sometimes means that a full, deep clean of the aeroplane loo isn’t always possible due to lack of time and higher priorities. Generally, the cubicles get a quick wipe down straight before a flight. Then during the flight, they tend to be checked every half an hour or so but again, if there are more urgent things going on, checking on the cleanliness of the loos can fall down the priority list."

Meanwhile, fellow flyers have made it clear that they find the behaviour off-putting – especially when people put their bare feet near them or even on the arm of their seat. One mum recently raged when she caught the man sitting behind her son resting his "pig trotter" feet on the window next to her teen's head.

While another holidaymaker shared his cheeky revenge on a woman after she poked her feet so far forwards he could see them beneath his seat. Pointing the camera down at the area below the seats he showed the woman’s shoeless foot. He then slowly poured his fizzy drink onto her foot and sock. A large splash hit her big toe and soaked through her socks.

Plus, on a Reddit thread, someone uploaded a photo of a man in a pair on shorts on a plane, he leaned back in his seat and had removed his shoes and socks to leave his feet bare. The man had bent his knees – and while one leg stretched into his seat neighbour’s legroom, the other was propped up on the woman in front of him’s arm rest leaving social media users outraged.

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