Flight attendant explains how to ‘protect your luggage’

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Jane Hawkes is a former flight attendant and a consumer travel expert. She spoke exclusively to Express.co.uk to share her travel tips for British tourists.

Avoid carrying cash

Jane said: “Use a specialist ‘no fee’ travel credit or debit card for foreign currency and sound exchange rates.

“This also gives you consumer protection from the Payment Services Regulations 2017 chargeback (debit card) and Section 75 of the Consumer Credit Act (credit card) if you are the victim of fraud when abroad.

“Alternatively if you prefer to keep to a budget you could opt for a prepaid travel card which lets you lock in a rate before you go. Carry cash just for tips and any incidental costs.”

Carrying a lot of cash around could make British travellers more vulnerable to theft. In some countries, many cafes and restaurants don’t accept cash.

Leave your valuables at home

Jane advised: “If you don’t really need it then, don’t take it. To avoid stress and worry over losing expensive, valuable jewellery when away, leave it at home in a safe place instead.

“If you are out and about on holiday, reduce the risk of theft by keeping bags fastened, out of view and only take with you what is necessary.”

There’s no point taking expensive valuables on holiday if travellers are constantly going to be worried about them being stolen.

Guests could also leave their valuables in a hotel safe while they’re out exploring a destination for a day.

Protect your luggage

“Invest in an air tag or other GPS tracker to keep tabs on your luggage,” said Jane, adding: “Ensure you have travel insurance with baggage related cover so you can get compensation for your belongings if they are damaged, stolen or lost.

“Take photographs of the contents of your case and make an inventory with costs prior to travel so that the process is easier should you need to make a claim.”

An air tag could help travellers keep track of their luggage if the worst happens and it goes missing.

Travel insurance might not automatically cover lost luggage so tourists should make sure to check all the terms and conditions before going.

Keep travel documents safe

Jane said: “Passports and other important travel documents should be locked away securely during your stay, for example in a hotel safe.

“It’s advisable to have password protected digital copies stored on your phone for backup and easy access. Avoid identity theft by shredding any paper copies after use.”

Digital copies could help tourists if they need to show their passport at any tourist attractions or other sites.

During the holiday, it’s a good idea to keep passports and other essential documents locked away in the hotel safe.

Take out travel insurance

Jane told Express.co.uk: “Now more than ever, failing to organise appropriate insurance could be a very costly decision.

“Is it a risk you’re prepared to take? If the unexpected happens on holiday, travel insurance cover could protect you from equally unexpected bills.

“It’s advisable to take out insurance as soon as you have paid for your holiday. That way you may be covered for unforeseen expenses from the word go if you need to cancel your trip due to an event covered by your policy.

“You can never predict what will happen but you can be well prepared just in case.”

Jane shares travel tips and advice on her blog ladyjaney.co.uk.

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