Flight attendant says joining Mile High Club isn’t illegal – but is ‘gross’

There are plenty of facts about planes and air travel that we mere passengers aren’t always privy to – whether that’s the creepy things kept in the hold or secret codes among cabin crew.

But, one well known part of flying is that some people will try to join the X-rated Mile High Club by getting freaky on board.

And, unless you’re able to charter your own plane this usually happens either in first class – where flyers have their own bed – or, unfortunately, in the toilets.

Thankfully for most passengers attempts at getting in on in the loos aren’t that common as most of us don’t want to get in trouble with the crew… or do the deed in a confined public bathroom.

But, while some might be deterred because they believe that having sex on a plane is against the law, a flight attendant has pointed out that that’s not true.

They claimed that there is no law against the Mile High Club – it’s just rude to everyone else on board.

Posting on Reddit, the flight attendant said: “It's not actually illegal to join the Mile High Club. It's just super rude.

“Don't try it on plane with only two lavs on your way to Vegas at 10:00 in the morning.

“If you really want to, take an international redeye.

“The plane will be bigger, the lights will be off, and there's curtains around the eight lavs.”

They added: “Have a party. In that gross, gross, lavatory. They're grosser than the tray tables.”

And, according to The Sun they’re absolutely correct in that there’s no specific law that forbids you from having sex on a plane.

However, depending on how you go about it you might be committing a crime under British law anyway – especially if you do it in the plane toilet.

Under section 71 of the Sexual Offences Act 2004, it’s illegal to have sex in a toilet that the public has access to.

If you do so you could be handed a six month prison sentence or a £1,000 fine.

You could also get done for outraging public decency if you're rumbled by fellow passengers.

So, personally, we’d avoid trying to join that particular club.

But if you’re keen then you can always head to Vegas and rent a private jet for 45 minutes at a cost of £743.

The kinky Love Cloud plane has a large bed, drinks and toys available for you to join the Mile High club in style. And, it’s perfectly legal.

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