Flight attendant says smelly and unhygienic passengers leave her disgusted

An air hostess has revealed the revolting habits performed by passengers during flights that she hates the most in a stomach-churning video.

In a clip, which Kat Kamalani uploaded on her TikTok channel, she explains the absolute worst things she has witnessed people do mid-air.

"See someone put their nasty foot on your armrest? I am giving you permission to [mimes punching them] just kidding, don't do that, but tell them to get their foot off it's gross."

Continuing the foot theme, the air hostess adds: "Second, don't walk around the airplane without your shoes.

"Ugh, I understand sitting and taking them off but walking around the airplane? Don't do it, don't do it."

She then recalls the grim moment someone was cutting their toenails on a flight, making the clippings from their feet fly around the cabin.

"Don't do personal hygiene on the aircraft, ugh, it's so bad," she says.

In a final plea to future passengers, she said: "Please you guys, take a shower before you get on a plane.

"There's nothing worse than sitting in a seat and you're sitting next to someone who has BO. It's awful!"

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Since she uploaded it on Tuesday (June 15) the video has been watched more than 25,000 times and hundreds of people have left comments.

One said: "I saw someone clipping fingernails near me. It was vile!"

"The foot on the armrest is like just NOOOO," wrote a second viewer.

A third person commented: "A lady on my flight from All to Phx did that with her foot and I looked at her with a disgusted look and she moved her foot."

Someone else wrote: "Smokers and ladies with strong perfume are the worst. I am in a cloud from inside and outside the plane."

Kat Kamalani also shares her adventures on her Instagram page and YouTube channel.

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