Flight attendant says they always sit on their hands at take off and landing

When you jet off on holiday you’re probably not looking at the flight attendants during take off. Most of us opt to stare at the world getting smaller through the window, the menu cards or even our books or phone for entertainment.

However, those who are a little more observant will notice that when the cabin crew sits down in the jump seats – that’s the fold down chairs at the front – they sit on their hands. You might think it’s just a habit of a few workers, but it turns out all flight attendants are supposed to do this.

The action has a real reason behind it and it helps to keep the crew safe during take off. A flight attendant posted about the unusual posture on their TikTok account @_hennylim_.

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In the clip, she showed two female flight attendants walking around the plane cabin before sitting in the jump seat, strapping in and sliding their hands under their thighs. In an over voice, she explained why they do this.

She said: "Why do cabin crew sit on their hands while in their jumpseats? Ever wondered why cabin crew sit like this during takeoff and landing?

"It is called ‘bracing position’. This position involves fastening the seatbelt securely, sitting upright, sitting on hands palms up and thumbs tucked. Arms loose and feet flat on the floor. The aim is to keep the body in a rigid pose so that if there was any impact from an unplanned emergency the body is damaged less. This keeps body movement restricted so that there is less chance of injury if there was an impact."

Flight attendants need to be able to help passengers in case of an emergency so keeping them uninjured is important when flying. The airline worker also noted that the crew will be doing another task while bracing.

She explained: "During this time, they will also be going through the ‘silent review’ which prepares them for an emergency situation every take off and landing. This includes being aware of emergency equipment in the location, door operation, commands given and any visual clues outside the aircraft."

So, if you see your flight attendant sliding their hands under their legs you know they’re following the proper procedure. You might even choose to follow the same body positioning to keep yourself safe.

That's not the only thing that flight attendants have revealed about the inner workings of the plane when we're going on holiday. It turns out there are lots of hidden facts you might not know.

One example is that the toilet door can be opened from the outside by flight attendants using a "hidden pin". One steward commented: "Lavatory doors can be opened from the outside by lifting the metal plate saying ‘lavatory’ and pulling the pin under it."

That's right, hiding beneath the loo sign is a level that lets them get into the toilet in case you're unwell, need help or – as one couple discovered – you're getting up to no good joining the mile high club. Which, by the way, is illegal on a passenger plane!

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