Flight attendant shares ‘weird’ moment as passenger demands steak during flight

Flight attendants come across all kinds of people during their work day.

Some are lovely and even give the cabin crew gifts.

While others can be irritating – and even get rude nicknames from the staff.

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However, it seems that many holidaymakers ask flight attendants unusual questions.

Now, if you’ve never flown before this can be understandable, however some information should be fairly obvious.

One cabin chief, who works at Plus Ultra airlines, explained that the “weirdest” situation she’d come across was when she was asking passengers what they wanted to eat.

Hot meals are often provided on long haul flights.

Nerea González was walking down the aisle asking holidaymakers whether they would like “chicken or beef” when the bizarre answer was revealed.

She told the Express: "When I asked a passenger if he wanted chicken or beef, he said 'Yes miss, I'd like a steak medium rare and with roast potatoes on the side'.

"For a minute I thought there was a hidden camera somewhere but he was serious!

“I explained to him how everything worked on a plane and why this wasn't possible, he laughed and was ok with it, thankfully.”

While you might be able to get a varied meal if you have a religious or dietary reason the meals are usually simple and there are very few choices in the air.

First class passengers can sometimes get steak, but this would be listed on the menu.

This isn’t the first time a flight attendant has revealed the curious things people ask them on board.

Jessica Lyons, 34, from Rio de Janeiro, has worked as a stewardess in Chicago for two years.

She told Daily Star : "We also get different questions all the time that make us laugh in the galley.

"People ask me: how can I open the window?

"Can you warm up my baby’s milk?

"Can I buy candies?

"Do you have a private bathroom?"

Most planes are not equipped with private loos except in some first class suites.

Opening the window is impossible as it would depressurise the cabin!

Jessica added: "They even ask… I see a seat open in first class can I sit there?

"My favourite one is 'where can I smoke?' I usually say: as soon as you leave the airport!'"


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