Flight attendant spills beans on how she gets paid for doing nothing for 6 hours

A flight attendant revealed that she sometimes gets paid for doing basically nothing – except perhaps watching Netflix and sleeping.

In a TikTok video, user @dandelion_wind shows herself doing her makeup and packing her suitcase and says she has been "called in for standby".

She explains: "I go in and stay in the airport for six hours just in case I need to replace another flight attendant.

"I packed up three days worth of food and scooted on over there. I switched my flats for my heels and then no one was there so I actually scored a super-comfy chair to watch Netflix in."

The footage shows the airport looking practically deserted and the air hostess is able to put her feet up and relax with her snacks and entertainment.

She then says: "About halfway through I fixed up my scarf to make sure I wasn't looking raggedy."

The air hostess says she spotted a pilot playing guitar, then "ate for most of the five and a half hours", and read a book, feeling "happy because they didn't call me".

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With the six hours done, she could pack up her belongings and go back home.

In the caption the flight attendant joked: "TBH I normally sleep all six hours."

The video was "liked" just under one million times and people left thousands of comments, with many impressed that gets paid for lounging around in the airport.

One person wrote: "This sounds like a heaven of a job."

A second person commented: "I feel like I would be wasting my day just sitting there for nothing. I would love this job but definitely not this."

Someone else in the industry said: "Best feeling ever! When you don't get called to operate a flight. I feel ya girl."

"Wow this is my dream job I'm starting training," gushed a fourth.

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