Flight attendant tells people to avoid fizzy drinks as it’s ‘nightmare’ to serve

A flight attendant explained why staff sigh every time someone orders one particular drink on planes. They claim it's because it's a "nightmare" to serve to passengers, reports the Mirror.

Jet, a member of the cabin crew who writes a blog about her time on planes, asked people not to order fizzy drinks when flying at 35,000ft.

Many of us enjoy a refreshing drink during a journey whether you prefer a beer, wine, juice or fizzy pop.

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But, the flight attendant offered the advice noting your cabin crew may appreciate it if you choose something else if you want to be served quick.

Writing on her online blog, Jet explained: "Soft drinks foam up a lot more when poured out of a can – I literally have to sit and wait for the bubbles to fall before I can continue pouring.

"If all three passengers ask for fizzy drinks, I'll often get them started, take another three drink orders, serve those, and then finish them." Jet also demonstrated why it takes so long.

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But, Jet's not the only person to say she hates serving certain fizzy drinks.

Ariel Cisneros, who works for a travel company in the United States, shared a clip to explain why flight attendants hated serving fizzy pop. It seems it also takes much longer for the fizzy head to go down meaning it takes more time to serve each person.

Ariel captioned the clip, which has hundreds of thousands of views: "This is why flight attendants hate serving fizzy drinks on a plane… it takes too long to pour."

In addition, carbonated drinks can cause gas and heartburn, both of which are unpleasant feelings to have during a flight. If you want the best drink to enjoy on a flight then you should probably sip on good old fashioned water.

The lower humidity in the air on planes – which is particularly dry – can lead to dehydration more quickly than on land. If you’re on a long flight you should definitely make sure you’re drinking a fair amount of water.

The food on planes is also high in salt because the cabin pressure makes it difficult to taste things normally. Salt can also dry you out and make you thirstier.

Tommy Cimato, a flight attendant, commented: “Don't forget to drink water. Stay hydrated. You want to have about 16oz for every flight that you go on, so keep that in mind.”

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