Flight attendant warns passengers to avoid seats at the back of the plane

Turbulence can be frightening when you’re flying on holiday.

Nobody likes to be peacefully watching a film when they get jolted around as the plane shakes in the air (not to mention it's even worse if you’re in the lavatory at the time.

While turbulence itself is actually pretty harmless, it can still be pretty scary.

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It’s caused by a shift in airflow, but a pilot recently revealed there has "never been a plane crash from turbulence.”

The pilot, and TikTok star, Anna Paul claimed that a plane in the air was like a piece of paper stuck in jelly.

She added: “You feel the plane shaking but this is not just going to fall down you know?

“It's stuck in there, because there's pressure coming from the bottom and the sides.”

Despite the comforting information turbulence is scary and if you’re not strapped into your seat can cause you to get injured.

Plus, some passengers feel sick when the plane shakes around a lot.

So where should you sit to minimise feeling the shaking movement?

Madeleine Doyle, a flight attendant of 20 years, told Thrillist that certain seats are better for avoiding the feel or turbulence.

She explained: "The plane is built like a teeter-totter, and the most stable part is over the wings.

"Turbulence is worse in the back of the plane – it's much bumpier. If you think you’re going to be sensitive to that, sit over the wings."

While passengers might be afraid of turbulence it seems that flight attendants quite enjoy it.

Barbie, 29, from Argentina, said: "Flight attendants love turbulence, because we can rest a little bit as we should stay seated and we cannot get up to provide the food service for example.

"We’re used to the turbulence so we are not frightened about it."


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