Flight attendant’s ‘biggest hack ever’ to save suitcase space


  • How do the portable hanging packing cubes work?
  • Best deals on hanging packing cubes
  • How much can be packed into the hanging packing cubes?
  • No matter where you are jetting off to packing for the trip can be one of the most dreaded parts of the whole experience. And whether you have British Airways luggage rules to contend with or are trying to cram everything into your bag to stay in line with Ryanair’s strict cabin bag allowance, it’s important to try and maximise the space you have. But one flight attendant says she has found the “biggest hack ever” and says she wishes she had found it sooner.

    Cabin crew tend to be seasoned when it comes to packing, given how frequently they jet off around the world. And this tip could be the key to avoiding excess baggage fees.

    Kat Nesbitt is a flight attendant who works for a major US airline and frequently shares her top travel tips to her YouTube channel. According to Kat, one of the “best hacks” comes in the form of portable hanging cubes which can be purchased on Amazon. Right now there are deals on offer for less than £20.

    How do the portable hanging packing cubes work?

    The nifty fabric organiser is split into three or four compartments which act as dividers when placed in your suitcase and transform into portable hanging shelves. The bottom of the organiser is a zipper compartment, perfect for storing toiletries, shoes or dirty laundry.

    Two hooks are attached to the top of the organiser which means this clever organiser can be hung up to create a portable hanging wardrobe. However, when packed flat, the organiser can be further compressed using adjustable straps to make sure it takes up as little space as possible.

    In Kat’s review of the product, she explained: “This is actually going to be one of the best hacks to help me pack and you are all going to thank me later. As long as your suitcase is at least 20 inches, this is going to work for you.”


    She added: “This is going to be your best packing friend because it is unreal and I am so upset I didn’t find this sooner.”

    Before jetting off on your travels, you can use the hooks to hang the packing cubes in your wardrobe while packing. Once at your hotel, this can be easily removed from your suitcase and placed straight into the wardrobe.

    Kat said: “All you have to do is undo the clips, take the bag, go ahead and throw it up and there you go, you have your closet. You can unpack this. There is no mess, there is no fuss. There is no digging, it is absolutely fabulous.”

    But even if you don’t have a wardrobe to hang the cubes in, the hooks can also be hung from a towel rack.

    Best deals on hanging packing cubes

    How much can be packed into the hanging packing cubes?

    The flight attendant showed how she was able to pack for a four-day winter trip, including boots and thick jumpers, with ease using the portable hanging packing cubes.

    The four shelves can be used to separate and organise items, with clothes on the shelves and swimsuits or underwear tucked into the discreet, smaller pockets at the top of the hanging packing cubes. At the bottom, there is a zipped compartment, perfect for storing shoes and toiletries.

    In the video, flight attendant Kat shows she is able to pack:

    • A full-sized make-up bag
    • Two pairs of glasses in hard cases
    • A hair brush
    • A hair straightener
    • A full-sized canister of dry shampoo
    • Two make-up palettes
    • A pair of sandals
    • A pair of trainers
    • A pair of small boots
    • Two pairs of leggings
    • Two pairs of jeans
    • Two pairs of shorts
    • One long-sleeved shirt
    • One jumper
    • Two t-shirts
    • One skirt
    • One vest
    • A pair of tights
    • Enough for the trip
    • A swimsuit
    • A second uniform

    Given how much you can squeeze into the cubes, with room left over in your suitcase once compressed, Kat added: “This is one of the best packing hacks I have found in a hot minute.”


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