Flight attendant’s water bottle hack protects against intruders at hotels

Holidaymakers were surprised last week after a flight attendant urged them to put a shoe in their hotel safe.

Esther, @esthersturrus, a member of cabin crew from Dutch airline KLM, explained that she found the trick was a “game changer”, reports the Express.

She used the hack to make sure she didn’t forget to collect things from the safe before leaving – such as passports, money and jewellery.

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Ester wrote: "Worried about forgetting something from your locker? Put your heel or shoe in it and you won't forget it!" she said.

Now, she’s revealed it’s not the only odd trick she uses while travelling – another useful tip can protect you against people hiding in your bedroom.

Ester explained that she uses a water bottle to help keep her safe.

She claims that it hooks her "check that no one is under the bed without looking".

The flight attendant commented that if she’s ever worried that someone is under her hotel room bed she simply throws “a bottle under it”.

If there isn’t an intruder it will “come out on the other side”.

Esther noted that if you are in danger from someone hiding the bottle will become stuck under the furniture item – but you have to ensure there’s nothing blocking the underside of the bed such as a suitcase.

Previously, hotel workers have warned Brits to keep their suitcase in the bathroom to avoid taking bed bugs home.

While another advised people to hide some spare money in shampoo bottles.

Would you try this hack while going on holiday? Tell us in the comments section…


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