Flight secrets: easyJet cabin crew use this secret code during – have you spotted it?

Flights see cabin crew working up and down the length of the plane to look after passengers. While they can often simply speak to one another they also use a secret code to communicate. Hand gestures come in particularly useful when trying to convey a message to a flight attendant at the other end of the aircraft. EasyJet cabin crew have revealed what a certain strange gesture means during a flight.

Flights: easyJet cabin crew hand gestures mean this secret code during a flight

If you spot a flight attendant tucking in their arms and flapping to mimic a chicken, there is a rational explanation.

This simple move, in fact, conveys to another cabin crew member that they are in need of a chicken caesar baguette, easyJet crew revealed in a video.

Such an action is likely to be used as the food trolley travels up the aircraft aisle and they need to indicate to someone in the galley the food order to be heated and served.

They will also hold up a number of fingers to show how many baguettes they will need.

The food-related hand gestures don’t stop there, however, the easyJet flight attendants revealed.

If they make a ’T” signal with both hands and then do a stirring motion it means they are after tomato soup.

Another, more unusual code signal is for a croque monsieur. This sees the flight attendant using one hand to mimic a crocodile’s jaws opening and closing.

Not all the crews’ signals are about food – they can also pertain to passengers themselves, the easyJet employees said.

For instance, if the hold up their open hands above their heads to look like antlers, it signals there is a stag party on board the plane.

Crew also have a code for when someone is stuck in the plane toilet. 

“It is known that making a miming action with your hands touching an invisible wall, means there is someone stuck in the toilet,” Alana Gomez, a spokeswoman for flight comparison website www.jetcost.co.uk told Express.co.uk.

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Fortunately, if passengers do become trapped in the toilet, cabin crew can help from the outside.

There is a hidden latch behind the lavatory or no smoking sign on the toilet door which can be flipped up, enabling flight attendants to slide the hidden latch in the case of an emergency.

Cabin crew also have code words they use to communicate with their colleagues.

Flight attendant Emily Witkop told the New York Post the term “hot coffee” means cabin crew fancy a passenger. 

“I recall for a few years there was a ‘hot coffee’ code among flight attendants,” she said. “You would say, ‘I’ve got hot coffee in 3B!’ Which meant there was an extremely attractive passenger in that particular seat who the other flight attendants should check out.”

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