Flight secrets: Never do this with hand luggage on a plane or run terrifying risk

Flights welcome hundreds of passengers onboard, not all of whom have the best intentions, an expert traveller has warned. Hand luggage accompanies nearly all fliers into the cabin and, for some people, everything they need for the trip could be in that bag. For many people, putting valuables in hold luggage is a worrying prospect, and indeed is inadvisable.


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Passenger fret about the possibility of such baggage getting lost in transit.

Consequently, it’s more sensible to put any pricey items in hand luggage which you can keep an eye on.

However, a seasoned traveller has cautioned this could result in theft and passengers need to be careful where they put their carry on luggage.

Frequent flier Gilbert Ott, who runs flight tips site God Save The Points, has shared his travel advice and warned against ever placing anything valuable in the overhead lockers on a plane.

This is because putting hand luggage into these bins could leave your belongings open to thieves.

According to Ott, crime syndicates target overhead bins in a bid to fleece passengers of their valuables while they are not looking.

“These groups wait until the lights are out when passengers are sleeping, “ Ott wrote on God Save The Points.

“They make gut assessments about which bags may have a laptop, cash stash or something valuable.

“Too often, the person only realises what’s missing after the plane has landed, and even if they realise earlier, it’s not like you can strip search every passenger.”

Ott advises jet-setters to keep anything valuable about their person. He keeps his in his backpack or pocket “within arms reach.”

Recent research from insurance company Admiral revealed two-thirds of holidaymakers take almost £1,000 worth of items with them for a two-night mini-break in their hand luggage when they go away.

The findings found contents of travellers’ cabin bags are estimated to be worth £982 on average.


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Admiral has warned fliers that not having the right insurance cover in place for their luggage could be an expensive and inconvenient mistake.

Travellers also need to be careful with keeping an eye on their luggage at the airport, too.

A study by Policy Expert revealed that 11 percent of globe-trotters have experienced a theft before they’ve got on the plane, either themselves or second hand.

The most common items stolen at airports are money, phones, sunglasses, purses/wallets, cameras, hand luggage bags, jewellery, passports/travel documents, tablets/iPads and laptops.

For many holidaymakers, going away begins at the airport,” said Adam Powell, Operations Director at Policy Expert. “The issue is that airports are busy and with the holiday excitement taking off, it’s easy to get distracted.

“But unfortunately, thieves are on the lookout for victims. So keep an eye on your luggage, currency and any items purchased at the airport and be vigilant around others.

“Also check whether your home insurance policy includes away from home cover – this will reimburse you should a personal possession be lost or stolen while out of the house at the airport.

“The last thing you want is for thieves to spoil your holiday before you’re even up in the air.”

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