Flights: Airline’s baggage policy blamed for passenger’s ‘annoying’ airport behaviour

Airports come with there own set of annoyances that can crop up. Whether it’s a long flight delay, a cancellation or an unexpected luggage fee, tempers can flare at the airport if things go wrong.


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However, it seems that other travellers can also be the cause of annoyance for some.

A particular trend in passenger behaviour was highlighted by one holidaymaker, which some say could largely be the fault of airlines themselves.

A traveller who was jetting off at the airport snapped an image of a situation at the airport terminal which left them feeling irate.

In the picture, since shared to Reddit, a herd of passengers can be seen all standing up waiting to board the plane.

While this may seem like a normal reaction to a flight that is currently boarding, the person behind the camera explained that boarding hadn’t even started yet.

“Boarding doesn’t start for 10 more minutes, sit down,” they wrote.

For the most part, airlines offer assigned seating which means there is little necessity to queue – or so you’d think.

However, other frequent fliers rushed to the comments to share their perspective on the standing situation.

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“This was not a thing until airlines started charging for bags,” one commenter pointed out.

“Then the number and size of carry-ons exploded while the size of overhead bins remained the same.

“I get that it’s annoying. I fly several times a month for work. But there’s an underlying reason for it.”

Another backed up this sentiment, saying: “Behaviour caused by limited overhead space and unwillingness to check bags.”


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Indeed, many airlines state that if there is no more space left in the overhead lockers, any remaining cabin bags must be checked.

For example, according to easyJet’s website: “Overhead locker space is allocated on a first come first served basis and once the overhead lockers are full all remaining customers will be asked to put their cabin bags in the hold free of charge as long as their cabin bag does not exceed the maximum cabin bag size of 56 x 45 x 25cm.”

Although at this point, a mandatory hold check-in tends to come at no extra cost, many travellers prefer not to be parted from their belongings.

However, the mandatory check-in can be a draw for some.

One commenter said they always board last so that their bag can be checked for free.

“The flights are packed and the gate agents will make an announcement that they are checking bags at the gate due to limited space,” they commented.

“So I casually stroll up, the last person on the plane, give them my bag and go sit in my seat.

“When I depart the plane, my bag is sitting there waiting for me. I breeze by everyone and am out of the airport in no time.

“I laugh at the sheep that are anxious and jostle to wait to hear the boarding announcement.

“My seat is already confirmed and waiting for me.”

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