Flights: easyJet scraps booking fee – how much money can you save on your next flight?

easyJet flights are already well-known for being cheap but flying with the budget airline is now set to be that bit cheaper. The orange carrier has decided to scrap the booking administration fee it previously charged on flights. This means holidaymakers can save on the £16 price tag of the fee. An easyJet spokesman told “From 1 October we have removed the admin fee on bookings as part of an ongoing review of our fees and charges.

easyJet flights set to get even cheaper as budget airline scraps booking fee for tickets

“This is applicable for bookings made from 1 October onwards.”

Previously, when flights were chosen by easyJet customers, the £16 showed up in the original price rather than the price jumping up at the end of the booking process.

The fee meant that booking alone could prove more expensive as a solo traveller was forced to spring for the entire £16 themselves.

However, for a group booking, the cost would be split between everyone in the party.

While the scrapping of the booking fee may be great news for flights and holidays going forwards – will those who have already booked their plane tickets manage to benefit from the price slash?

Unfortunately, if you have already paid for your flight before October 2019 you will not be able to make the most of the axed booking fee.

easyJet has said it will not be handing out refunds for those who have already booked.

Although some passengers may be frustrated that they were not told of this change earlier, the low-cost airline said it cannot give advance warning of changes to fees before it makes them.

What other easyJet fees should passengers be aware of?

One fee passengers have to pay is £25 for an infant. According to the easyJet website: “Airports charge us fees when infants (under two years) travel  – this fee covers the cost.

“If you’re travelling with an infant who will be seated on your lap, only an additional baby changing bag is allowed for the infant (45x36x20cm) this must be placed under the seat in front of you.

“If the infant is occupying their own seat they are allowed a cabin bag plus a changing bag (45x36x20 cm).”

Another charge is the £15 group booking fee for those who want to be sure they all sit together. This applies per passenger, per flight.

easyJet says: “The big benefits of our Group Booking Scheme are that we will block your seats together and that you can add names of the passengers later.”

easyJet also does not charge for debit and credit card transactions. What’s more, airport & security charge and fuel charge are not added to your ticket price.

Government taxes are included in the flight price you see when you book and are not extra charges.

Last month, easyJet launched its Speak Now app. It allows customers to search for flights using voice recognition technology, with the app initiating a conversation and asking questions to determine the booking customers want. 

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