Flights: Male branded ‘disgusting’ for doing this gross act near a baby’s face on a plane

Flights attract a host of different travellers with varying personality traits. Such a medley of characters are more often than not tolerated, not clashing, with passengers tending to keep calm for the duration of the plane journey. Yet when some behaviour is particularly annoying, some feel the need to call it out on board. This was the case as one family travelled on a journey with their little baby.

The passenger in the seat row behind appeared eager to kick back and relax, stripping off their shoes and socks.

Yet in a move branded “disgusting” and “gross” by his fellow travellers, he poked his bare toes through the seat gap, hovering them dangerously close to the tot’s face.

His actions were caught on camera and posted to Instagram account, PassengerShaming, with the telling caption: “Thoughts on a random bare foot peeking through your seat and almost touching your baby’s head?”

It has so far attracted almost 3,00 likes on the photo-sharing site.

Users were quick to show their disgust, with one writing: “Bare feet shouldn’t be allowed on planes ever! Why is that even allowed? Really.”

A second commented: “I wouldn’t put up with that,” while a third suggested: “A well placed alligator clip between two toes should repel the foot.”

Another proffered: “Pens make good stabbers ,” while one put: “This is where a Bic lighter really comes in handy!”

One then surmised: “Disgusting. This is not ok!”

It remains to be seen whether the family subject to the potentially-whiffy feet raised the issue with the man in question.

It is also unknown if he was approached by an air steward.

Meanwhile, in a completely separate incident, passengers were left horrified at the behaviour of two females, swiftly branding their actions “dangerous.”

An image, again posted to PassengerShaming, showed one brunette passenger sitting on her airport seat, with her friend crouched down, facing away from her, in the leg area.

The brunette was hovering over her with a pair of tweezers near her pal’s eyes.

Her friend had her eyes closed, ready to have a pair of false eyelashes stuck on.

It appears she did not have chance to pep up her appearance prior to departure so decided to do it on board instead, to pass the time in the air.

Yet some passengers rightly reacted in horror as they saw the shot, flagging up the safety issues present.

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