French tourists say the Statue of Liberty is a ‘utter waste of time’

The Statue of Liberty is one of America’s most popular tourist destinations and is New York City’s most iconic landmark. However, some tourists have not been as impressed by the attraction and expressed their thoughts in some hilarious reviews. Here are some of the best reviews from annoyed visitors, those complaints range from not liking the colour of the statue to being upset about not being allowed to take their drone on the site. 

One review from a disgruntled visitor said they thought the statue was “cool” but “the smell was so bad.” The person left and one-star review and wrote: “This place is so smelly I thought I was gonna die because of the smell. If I had no nose it would’ve been WAAYY better. It stunk so bad.”

Somebody else left a bad review after being denied entry due to having a drone with them. The person wrote: “Don’t bring your drone with you. I wasn’t going to fly it obviously but I was walking around town with it.”

Another one-star review complained about the colour of Lady Liberty. They wrote: “Out of all the colours the person who created this beautiful lady could choose they went for green. If she was pink she’d get more attention period.”

Somebody else complained about the security on Liberty Island. They wrote: “Be warned, prior to actually getting to the Statue of Liberty, you will be subjected to a search by the rudest and most ignorant people they could possibly have found in what I can best describe as a cattle shed. It was an awful experience and will never ever visit again!”

One French tourist said also complained about the staff and said the people that worked at the Statue of Liberty were “absolutely inhuman.” In a one-star review, the French reviewer wrote: “They treat foreign tourists as scum.”

The review continued with some interesting advice and said: “Don’t turn up early. Don’t be French. Or any other nationality that isn’t American. Don’t behave like you paid for this.” They finished their review by saying the Statue of Liberty was “Probably the worst experience available in New York.”

Another review from a tourist described the attraction as a “scam for stupid tourists, yes like me!” Their review said: “The boat is in such bad shape I felt I was in the Amazons…I should not even say that as I should not offend people from Brazil. The whole thing is borderline a scam. Crazy that NYC allows for such things to happen.”

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Somebody else wrote a bad review after waiting 20 minutes for the boat to arrive to take them to the Statue of Liberty. They added: They complained about having to wait in the sun and added: “I wonder what would have happened if it was raining.” 

The same person also complained about there being no AC in the historic landmark which made their experience “very unpleasant.” They finished their review by saying: “I would not recommend anyone to do this tour cause it is a waste of money and can be unpleasant and make you very tired. This tour is hyped and the biggest waste of money.”

One colourful review said: “I wouldn’t wish this experience on my worst enemy. Imagine a combination of prison and the worst airport security…If you want to feel embarrassed to be an American then you can find it here.”

Somebody else complained about the “bad American food” they were served near the Statue of Liberty and assured people to avoid the area if they disliked fried food. 

Another reviewer also complained about the “abhorrent colour” of the Statue of Liberty and also wrote it was “manky and the smell was trampy”. The end of the review also said that a “lady at the top” of the Staue tried to push them and they “almost fell off” but the review seemed more upset about the aesthetics of the Statue. 

The review ended by saying they would never visit again as it was “real anti-climatic”. 

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