Get Paid Over $5,000 to Test Slippers Around Your House

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Who wouldn’t love being paid to just be cozy all day?

According to Metro, a leisurewear company in the UK, Bedroom Athletics, is looking for a slipper tester to try out the brand’s fuzzy slippers.

Potential candidates should, of course, be slipper connoisseurs who know the difference between loafers from slide-ons or even the oft-neglected slipper sock. In addition, this job would require extensive periods at home in order to test the new products. While this may be easy to do at the moment, with new COVID-19 lockdowns being implemented all over the world for the time being, the position will also run for the next year.

The chosen candidate will be asked to wear and test brand-new products before they are available to the public. They’ll need to wear each product for two, 12-hour days per month, over the course of 12 months.

“With the two new slipper testers on-board, we’ll be in an even better position to provide the UK’s working from home work-force with second-to-none quality slippers,” said Howard Wetter, Founder of Bedroom Athletics to Metro. “I can’t wait to see the applications, with recent lockdowns across the UK we hope it will be the perfect job for someone, it really is a great role to slip into.”

The slipper testers will be paid £333 ($450 USD) for two days a month, adding up to just under £4,000 (or over $5,400 USD) per year. Ideally, this would be a position for someone in the UK since the company is located there, but there is nothing stopping anyone in the world from applying. In addition to salary, testers will also receive homewares and apparel from the company (in addition to slippers).

Applications are open until Jan. 31st and candidates will be chosen in March, according to Metro. For more information or to apply, fill out the Slipper Tester 2021 form on the Bedroom Athletics website.

Andrea Romano is a freelance writer in New York City. Follow her on Twitter @theandrearomano.

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