Getting bumped up to first class is easier than you may think

Instead of panicking if you’re running late for your flight, it might just be to your advantage. A former flight attendant for

Emirates Airlines, Kamila Jakubjakova has said this might just help you get upgraded. She’s shared with the Sun, some unknown

tips that help you get an upgrade. It’s as simple as being in the right place at the right time, she says. How many times have you

been told that a flight is full, only to find after boarding, there are plenty of empty seats? Some passengers just don’t bother turning

up.  “Sometimes, airlines oversell tickets and don’t expect everybody to show up,” she said.

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“So if the flight is overbooked, and everyone shows up, they’ll have to move economy passengers into business class, and maybe

the last passengers who come to check in for the flight will be chosen, as they’re the extra ones.”

Another tip for an almost definite upgrade is to travel on your birthday, so if you’re planning a trip around your big day, make sure

you fly on the day itself instead. It’s all about telling the flight attendants if you’re celebrating a special occasion.

“It’s pretty random how it’s chosen”, she said, “but if somebody has a birthday, they might get it!”.

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If you’re on your honeymoon, this helps you also.  “If I saw honeymooners, I would bring them some extra treats from business

class — like, for example, a dessert or a glass of champagne, and try to make their flight more special, even if they’re flying

economy,” she said. When it comes to food, airline food isn’t necessarily the best meal you’re ever going to have.  But if you are

seriously unhappy and if you voice your concern about a meal, it might just get you a better dish from business class.

“Sometimes, if someone maybe didn’t get their preferred meal choice and then complained and made a big fuss about it, we

would bring them a meal from business class instead to soften the blow,” she explained. Being polite is always a plus point too

and you can ingratiate yourself with the cabin crew she says.  “It always pays being nice to flight attendants,” said Kamila,

adding that attendants are more likely to “go the extra mile” for customers who arrive for flights bearing gifts.

Finally, she shares essential tips for passengers including bringing a reusable water bottle onboard and carrying a spare set of clothes in your hand luggage – just in case. 

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