Google Maps: Street View catches giant hiding in a forest in the snow – is it real?

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Google Maps has been used by people all around the world to navigate. Some people use it to traverse the world, while others use it to walk from their house to the local shops. The tool is also an app which is used to look at satellite images, street maps, panoramic views of streets and for route planning.

Sometimes the tool is used to spot strange images that can go viral.

Often they are posted on social media and forum sights, garnering lots of attention from netizens.

This bizarre sighting was spotted on Google Maps by an eagle-eyed Reddit user.

The image appears to show a snowy mountain slope that has been used for skiing.

Although no skiers can be seen, tell-tale tracks can be spotted criss-crossing across the mountain.

In the background, more snow-topped mountains can be seen.

A forest can also be seen with lots of Christmas-like trees.

Emerging from the trees appears to be a giant, peaking their head up from the forest.

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They appear to be wearing a skiing helmet, goggles and a ski coat.

The giant appears to have a moustache and beard that can be seen poking out from their goggles.

On closer inspection, it appears that the photo is not a giant at all but a man whose panoramic photo has gone wrong.

The Reddit user captioned the photo: “Absolute giant.”

The image garnered a variety of comments with one user explaining why the image has ended up looking this way.

They explained that the man’s phone tried to take a panorama from various photos which is why the man looks so large.

Another user said: “The photo is from the Lake Louise Ski Area in Canada.”

Another said: “North Giant Face.”

While another commented: “The jolly skiing giant.”

One user replied: “Looks more like a relative giant to me.”

Other users questioned the legitimacy of the image.

More than a billion people use Google Maps every month.

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