Google Maps Street View: Chilling figures spotted in window of ‘haunted’ Liverpool hotel

Google Maps introduce their new ‘Live View’ feature

Google Maps Street View is a veritable library of intriguing images snapped the world over. Often these sights entertain and inform, but sometimes they are downright sinister. This was certainly the case for one photo taken in Liverpool.

The chilling sight was spotted inside the historic Stuart Hotel in the English city.

From the outside, the establishment looks much like many other Victorian buildings.

However, a closer look at one of the windows in one Google Maps shot reveals a chilling scene.

The image appears to show two very creepy-looking figures peering out through the glass

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On the right-hand side there looks to be a pale-faced man with no hair.

His head is tipped to one side and his large eyes – which almost have a red tinge about them – are wide open.

His mouth could also be open as though he is snarling at the window – although it’s hard to see in the gloom.

In the windowpane adjacent, there looks to be a taller figure wearing a tuxedo.

However, while the smart outfit is visible, it’s impossible to really make out the person wearing it.

All in all, the spectacle makes for sinister viewing.

Twitter user “Lallana Experiment” who snapped the picture thought the pub could be haunted.

He told The Liverpool Echo in 2016: “I was looking on Google Street View to find a fish and chip shop in Walton, and I came across The Stuart Hotel.

“Something in the top left-hand window caught my eye. It looks like a ghostly image of an evil-looking face.

“Look closely and it looks like it is breathing on the inside of the window.

“Next to the face is what looks like a man in a tuxedo and dickey bow.”

A paranormal expert alleged that the Liverpool pub has been at the centre of paranormal claims for a number of years and is one of 150 haunted pubs in the city.

One story of a haunting dates back to 1897 – five years after the hotel was built.

The then-landlord Robinson Pemberton supposedly heard a scratching noise in the cellar which got louder and louder.

Three days later the pub is said to have shaken dramatically “from top to bottom” and the noise stopped.

The peculiar goings-on did not stop there, though.

One night, a pub customer knocked three times on the wall… and three knocks were allegedly returned.

The noise in the cellar is then said to have started up again accompanied by the sound of a distant bell which rang for a week…

The noises only ended when until a local priest reportedly placed a bible in the cellar. has contacted The Stuart Hotel for further comment.

Of course, it’s entirely likely there is a rational explanation for the creepy figures in the window – what do you think?

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