Google Maps Street View: Man caught in very embarrassing moment on steps

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Google Maps Street View catches people while they go about their daily lives as the tech giant’s cars map the world. The tool can provide a very entertaining insight into people’s lives. One man was photographed in the middle of a very embarrassing moment indeed.

The man was snapped on the steps of a red brick building in New Jersey, USA.

He is clearly planning to enter the property and has just reached the top step.

However, it would appear something is about to go wrong.

His right foot teeters on the edge of the step.

Meanwhile, his right arm is thrown out to the railing to hold on.

Although the photo is merely a stationary snapshot in time, it would seem he is about to lose his balance.

Sometimes with Google Maps photos that go viral, one never knows the outcome of situations.

Fortunately (or rather unfortunately for the man) Street View users can easily find out what happened next.

By travelling further up the New Jersey street and turning around, viewers can see the aftermath of the first image.

The man did indeed lose his footing.

A second photo shows him on his back on the bottom step.

The man’s legs are up in the air as he rolls downwards.

He has clearly fallen over and backwards in what must have been a pretty painful stumble.

Luckily the man cannot be recognised in the photo as his face is hidden from view in both Street View photos.

The photo, which went viral when first posted to the internet, was recently shared on Reddit.

Viewers were to share their thoughts on the embarrassing scene.

“Dude was like: ‘It’s fine, nobody saw that,’” one person wrote.

“It’s fun seeing a Google Street car but it’s not fun being seen by one,” another commented.

“A tragedy: in two parts,” a third quipped.

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