Google Maps Street View: Man spots himself on Google with hilarious consequences

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Google Maps Street View is generally used by folk trying to explore a location from ground level. However, it also stores a wealth of very entertaining images. The tech giant snaps people as they go about their lives – often with funny consequences.

This was certainly the case for one man in the USA.

He shared the photo evidence of the incident on content-sharing site Reddit.

The man revealed he had been photographed twice by Google Maps Street View in two different American states on the same day.

One of the images shows him, wearing white shorts and a blue T-shirt, standing in a car park in New York between a black car and a red car.

In the second, he is again in a car park, but this time in Connecticut.

He is next to a blue car – his arms raised in jubilation, perhaps at the second Google sighting.

Although posted to Reddit yesterday, the incident took place a few years ago.

“In October 2017, I got spotted by the Google Maps Street View Car not once but twice in two different states,” the man captioned the photo.

Reddit users were quick to share their opinion of the photo.

One compared to him to the iconic figure of Where’s Wally.

“If you can keep up the outfit consistency and get seen once in each of the other 48 states, you could make the ultimate state-based Google Maps version of Where’s Waldo…” they wrote.

Another was jealous of his ‘fame.’

“The only time I see the car is apparently when it’s not working,” the user posted.

“On multiple occasions I have gone back to where I saw it months later and the pics were not from the day I saw it Congrats on the success.”

“What a privilege,” another said.

Others suggested what they would do if they saw a Google Maps Street View car.

“If I ever see one of those cars I’m running with it for as long as I can so you just see my clone army,” one person penned.

The man himself cannot be recognised in the photo.

Google Maps has protected his privacy by blurring out his face.

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