‘Gorgeous’ British city is Europe’s best destination for an autumn holiday

A new ranking from the team at StressFreeCarRental.com has named the best destinations for a break.

Dreaming of an autumn holiday? A new ranking from the team at StressFreeCarRental.com has named the best destinations for a break. 

John Channock, CEO of StressFreeCarRental.com, said: “Now the schools are back and the sunny days are numbered, it is worth starting to think about booking a cosy weekend stay away with loved ones. 

“The glowing sunsets and warm red, yellow and orange hues of leaves are the best antidote to post-summer holiday blues. Autumn is a wonderful time of the year to wander around and explore a new city, without the unbearable summer heat and crowds of tourists.”

Whether Britons are searching for a staycation or fancy escaping the UK, there’s an autumn destination to suit. 

But where are the best destinations for an autumn holiday?

Bath topped the list as the best destination for an autumn holiday. 

The picturesque city has plenty of top attractions to explore including the world famous Roman Baths. 

John said: “The gorgeous spa town features cute streets to wander around, lined with majestic Georgian architecture and autumnal colours as its backdrop.” 

France’s gastronomic capital, Lyon grabbed second place on the list. The city’s cobbled streets are lined with restaurants perfect for a cosy autumn meal. 

Don’t miss out on a slice of the city’s famous Praline tart. It’s an easy trip from the UK with return flights from London and Edinburgh available for under £100 in November on Skyscanner.

Although it’s perhaps best known for its Christmas markets, Cologne is a fantastic autumn holiday destination. 

James said: “Cologne in Germany is ideal for those looking to escape to an enchanting city this month.” 

Greece might seem like more of a summer destination but it’s incredibly beautiful in autumn and far less crowded. 

From gorgeous sunsets over the water to Greek salad in a taverna, Thessaloniki is the ideal destination for Britons looking for a break by the sea. 

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