Hand luggage: Always do this with cabin baggage to beat Ryanair and easyJet rules

Hand luggage travel can make flights much cheaper as well as quicker and is how many Britons chose to jet away. However, travelling just with cabin baggage comes with its own stresses even if it does save money. Airlines all have restrictions on hand luggage allowance and none more so than budget airlines. Ryanair and easyJet only allow a small amount of baggage on board – but you can beat this by packing in a very nifty way.

Hand luggage: Beat Ryanair and easyJet rules by doing this when packing clothes for flights

Hand luggage packing involves holidaymakers thinking carefully about what to take.

It’s important to pack the necessities for your trip away while stripping out the things you do not need.

Packing fewer clothes does not have to mean fewer wardrobe options on your holidays.

According to a travel expert and author, it’s about taking apparel that will suit a number of different occasions.

“Versatility is key,” Hitha Palepu, author of How To Pack, told travel magazine Wanderlust.

“Pack clothes you can wear in multiple situations, whether for day-to-day travel or going out for an evening.”

One item that is very versatile and useful – especially if you’re going to a hot destination – is a sarong.

Adam Ewart CEO of door-to-door luggage delivery service, Send My Bag, revealed how this clothing choice could be vital while away.

“Low-maintenance clothing is the key to packing light,” the luggage expert told Express.co.uk.

“Take a sarong for example; great for a hot day but can also be used as a changing room at the beach, a tablecloth for a picnic or a scarf if you’re chilly. 

“Further uses include a makeshift satchel for your souvenirs, a pillow when you’re weary, a headscarf to protect you from the sun… the list goes on.”

When packing luggage it’s important to be aware of the items that are banned onboard aircraft.

Some things may not seem very obvious. For instance, hair dye is one rather obscure item not allowed on a plane. 

Experts at luggage site MyBaggage.com said: “If changing your hair colour was at the top of your holiday list, think again.

“The chemical Peroxide found within the dye is banned from airplanes.”

The peroxide content means hair dye comes under the category ‘Chemicals and Toxic Substances’ for banned hand luggage items.

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