Holiday horror: ‘They dragged me and started kicking me’

A BRITISH holiday-maker claims nightclub bouncers broke her collarbone and left her covered in cuts and bruises when she was kicked out of a trendy drinking spot in Barcelona.

Olivia Martin, 22, says security threw her to the ground and kicked her because she tried to take her shoes off inside, The Sun reports.

Ms Martin, from Kent, was at the start of a family trip to the city with her sister, mum, aunt and their partners when the incident — which the club has denied — allegedly unfolded.

She told The Sun Online they booked a table at the famous Barcelona nightclub Pacha and so headed there soon after landing on September 7.

Olivia Martin said her collarbone was broken after being set upon by club bouncers in Barcelona. Picture: Olivia MartinSource:The Sun

This image shows Olivia’s broken clavicle. Picture: Olivia MartinSource:The Sun

“We had a really good night, but at about four, or half-four, my sister’s boyfriend and my boyfriend saw me outside the club on the floor,” she said.

“They rushed out to see if I was OK, and they saw two club bouncers kicking me on the floor. My sister’s boyfriend told me that they had dragged me, thrown me out and started kicking me.”

Ms Martin claimed her sister’s boyfriend Jack Chasteauneuf, 23, then tried to defend her and got into a scuffle with the bouncers who broke his nose.

When contacted by The Sun Online, the club’s assistant manager Carlos Peggo Munoz said Ms Martin’s accusations were “completely untrue”.

She claims her injuries were caused when she was thrown to the ground. Picture: Olivia MartinSource:The Sun

Olivia was on a family holiday in Barcelona when the alleged incident happened. Picture: Olivia MartinSource:The Sun

He said the nightclub had received no complaint and if it was as serious as Ms Martin claimed she should have called the police.

“I have spoken with the club managers and they said that this is completely untrue,” he said in an email.

“Actually, if this had happen (sic) I would know it and of course we (would have) punished this. This is the first email that Pacha has received about Olivia Martin.”

Ms Martin said despite going straight to hospital that night, she said she was turned away because she didn’t have her European Health Insurance Card.

She said her sister’s boyfriend Jack, pictured, also suffered a broken nose in the fracas. Picture: Olivia MartinSource:The Sun

She claimed she returned to the nightclub the next day to make a complaint to the manager but was laughed at by staff.

“They found it quite funny and said that there was no manager around. We could still see the blood on the pavement from the night before,” she said.

However, she said she couldn’t remember exactly why she was ejected from the nightclub.

“I have absolutely no idea,” she said. “I think I might have tried to take my shoes off in the club. The whole part of that evening is just a blur.

Olivia, second left, was on a family holiday with her mum, aunt, uncle, sister Emily and her boyfriend Jack (far right) when the incident occurred. Picture: Olivia MartinSource:The Sun

“My sister’s boyfriend says he was pretty sure I was out for a minute or two and I did hit my head. I can remember most of the night. It’s probably wiped from my memory both because of the alcohol and because of that trauma.”

After returning to London on Sunday, September 9, she said she went straight to hospital where doctors discovered she had a broken clavicle.

She now faces up to six weeks off work and has her arm in a sling.

Her accusations come after a series of poor TripAdvisor reviews showing many other customers have made similar complaints about aggressive bouncers at the nightclub.

This article originally appeared on The Sun and is reproduced with permission.

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