‘Hollow, riveted, not magnetic’: Hikers discover location of Utah’s mysterious monolith

Despite the discretion of authorities, visitors have successfully located a mysterious metal monolith in Utah that was revealed earlier in the week. 

Monday, the Utah Department of Public Safety shared that an approximately 10-foot metal column with four sides had been found in Utah’s Red Rock Country. The exact location of the installation was not disclosed in an effort to stop individuals from attempting to locate it, for fear visitors could potentially become stranded in a remote area. But that didn’t stop David Surber, who started sharing video and images of the monolith to an unverified Instagram account Wednesday. 

In a video tagged in Moab, Surber tested if the structure is magnetic and solid. “Hollow, riveted, not magnetic,” he said in the clip.

He detailed the monolith’s makeup in the video’s caption, explaining it is “three pieces riveted together,” noting, “two rivets missing up top.” He also warned fellow curious adventures that “a sedan won’t cut it” and suggested “Crossover SUV or higher.”

Unexplained metal monolith discovered in remote area of Utah’s Red Rock Country

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