Hotel secrets: The surprising staff members employed at Bahamas luxury mega resort

Baha Mar hotel, set in the tropical Bahamas, is a luxury mega resort offering its guests nothing less than five-star treatment. This exclusive resort is one of the world’s largest. Channel 5 recently released a documentary which sneaks behind the curtain of the £3.4 billion hotel to reveal exactly how it provides the ultimate experience.


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From a high-traffic casino to opulent pool parities where guests are showered in champagne, money plays a huge part in the workings of this hotel.

Its no surprise then, that security is at the forefront of staff’s mind.

However, along with a superior technology system in place to keep an eye on every single happening on the hotel grounds, the resort also employs an unusual specialist team.

The team is comprised of five dogs trained to sniff out explosives and narcotics that could be lurking on the hotel grounds.

Samantha Bieber VP of Security at the resort explains: “When you go on vacation or holiday you don’t want to think. ‘is the place secure?’ normal people don’t have that in their head.

“So our job is to make the place feel secure but also not feel like you walked into Fort Knox.”

However, as subtle as it is, security on the premises is “serious business” which is why the fluffy team are so vital in ensuring guests are protected from danger.

Samantha continues: “Any time a dignitary or someone from government comes we have our dogs sweep the areas that they are going be in to make sure that we don’t have any trouble. And there are narcotics dogs.”

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Although handling a team of professional dogs can be hard work, it certainly is worth it, with both guests and staff reaping the benefits.

Renee Darling is a K-9 specialist who works as part of the security team and is lucky enough to call the fluffy detectives her colleagues.

During the documentary, most of her work is with the newest recruit, a two-year-old golden retriever named Tao.

“You’re working every day with a best friend,” says Renee.

“That’s how it feels. And he is a happy dog. He has the same personality and he just brightens my day, and brightens the day of everybody around him.”


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It’s no surprise the hotel need such an intense security structure in place when you consider the lashings of luxury that make up the resort.

Baha Mar boasts a whopping 100,000 sq ft casino where wealthy guests are reportedly “encouraged to gamble vast sums of money”.

All hotel guests have access to the casino, likely having to walk through it numerous times a day to get to any given destination.

This is due to the clever layout of the hotel. The entire property is designed so that all roads lead to the casino.

The resort is also home to 11 different swimming pools, one which hosts VIP luxury parties where guests can shell out as much as £27,000 to sit poolside.

The privilege pool is one of the mega-resorts themed swimming pools, and is described as being a “nightclub but during the day.”

It is an adults-only pool boasting food, drinks and music, as well as bucketloads of luxury.

Baha Mar also has a private hotel within a hotel for exclusive guests, a dedicated car service complete with Teslas, 40 restaurants and bars, and even its own aquarium.

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