Hotels launch ‘virtual lifeguard’ for pools where AI watches over guests

Swimmers could soon be saved by a "virtual lifeguard system" operating in a chain of hotels.

While right now hotel pools are usually manned by humans – whether they're keen teen lifeguards or full-time staff – the future could be a more high tech combination.

Some Brits may be freaked out by the idea, but an Artificial Intelligence lifeguard system is already in place in some hotels.

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Meaning if you or your children get in trouble while swimming it could be a robot that saves you and alerts workers nearby.

The MYLO computerised lifesaving system films above and below the surface of pools and then analyses the footage in real time, reports the Mirror.

It also has pressure sensors to identify if a person is entering the pool and a high-resolution underwater camera which its creators say can detect a sinking person.

If MYLO detects an issue, it will send a series of alarms for human lifeguards to spring into action.

The system, which has been made by Coral Smart Pool, will be used at Leonardo Hotels & Resorts Mediterranean.

So far it has been installed at the Leonardo Plaza Cypria Maris Beach Hotel in Paphos, Cyprus, before the rest of the chain's hotels on the island start using it.

The company says it "is integrated with the latest A.I. technology that monitors a pool and analyses real-time video to quickly identify near-drowning events."

It is also being sold to private pool owners, with parents able to receive notifications when someone enters the pool, and then alerts via the app and in-home alarm system if something goes wrong.

“Vacations are meant to be fun and relaxing, but the hotel swimming pools can easily become a dangerous place for young children or inexperienced swimmers," said Shadie Bisharat, CEO of Coral Smart Pool.

"With our proprietary technology, hotels can create several layers of safety and protection for their guests having MYLO monitoring every pool in the facility, 24/7.

“Partnering with Leonardo Hotels Mediterranean allows us to bring MYLO to the hotel industry in addition to our consumer market.

"Having Virtual Lifeguard as an inseparable part of the pool experience is our mission, having ZERO drownings is our vision. Whether in the hotel or at home MYLO gives you the peace of mind you need.”

How do you feel about being monitored by a virtual lifeguard? Tell us in the comments below…


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