How do I fill out the Covid travel forms with no internet?

How do I fill out the Covid forms with no internet? The Holiday Guru answers readers’ travel questions

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This week he steps in to help a reader who isn’t internet savvy – and wants to know how he can tackle the necessary travel forms for a trip abroad.

Q. I am a senior citizen without a smartphone, so could someone please tell me how I can travel abroad again. The Government’s passenger locator form has to be filled in online two days before returning to the UK. I feel it is most unfair on older travellers like me who are not computer savvy.

Robert Hall, Nottingham.

The Guru helps a reader who isn’t internet savvy – and wants to know how he can tackle the necessary travel forms for a trip abroad

A. We agree, but the Government says that travel during the pandemic requires this procedure. Best to explain to your hotel and arrange use of a computer and for the form to be printed. Most hotels should oblige. An internet cafe/business centre is an alternative. Then show the print-out to border and airline officials.

Q. My husband tested Covid positive on July 15 and completed his isolation. We are due to travel to Greece on August 16, but he has been informed by the NHS Test and Trace that he is exempt from a PCR test for 90 days as he could show a false positive result. If this is so, might he produce a false positive for the antigen/lateral flow test required before returning to the UK from Greece?

Judith Maddran, via email.

A. Such a result is highly unlikely. However, were it to occur, you are advised to take a second test to check. If this is the same, contact the British Embassy in Athens to explain your predicament (0030 210 7272600). Given your husband will have an NHS ‘proof of recovery’ letter, he should be able to fly back. The British Embassy can advise further.

Before returning, he will also need to purchase PCR tests for his return to the UK, despite being technically exempt. This is an anomaly that a Department for Transport spokesman, with refreshing honesty, admits ‘doesn’t make a lot of sense’.

Q. Were Spain and other countries to be suddenly put on the ‘red list’, requiring a stay in a quarantine hotel on return, would there be enough such hotels to cope? I fly to Majorca from Bristol soon and cannot even find a designated quarantine hotel near Bristol Airport, just in case the worst happens.

Amanda Thomas, Saltash, Cornwall.

A. The good news is that the Government said this week that Spain is unlikely to go on the ‘red list’ any time soon. For quarantine hotels see ‘Booking and staying in a quarantine hotel if you’ve been in a red list country’ at — for queries call 020 7429 9732.

Q. I have a holiday booked to Cuba in October with Virgin Holidays. It is on the ‘red list’. Can I cancel now and get a refund — or swap to another holiday?

Cheryl Taylor, via email.

One reader wants to know her options after booking a holiday to red-list Cuba

A. Either wait until Virgin Holidays cancels closer to the departure date, when a refund will be forthcoming, or change your holiday to another location/date for free.

See ‘Your holiday is in safe hands’ at The consumer group Which? has just given Virgin Holidays — and 41 other travel companies — the thumbs up for its flexible booking arrangements (see ‘Holiday Checker’ at


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