How to Bring Your Drink Through Airport Security

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You’ve been there, right? Ready to breeze through that airport security line, only to remember that bottle of water you stashed in your carry-on to help you get hydrated, pre-flight, but somehow still haven’t touched. It gets dumped—along with the dream of not having to pay $8 for a beverage past security. But good news: There’s actually a way to bring your water (or coffee, or juice) through security, and all it takes is a little foresight, reports The Points Guy.

All liquid items must meet the TSA’s 3-1-1 rule, meaning they need to be in 3.4-ounce containers (or smaller) and then placed in one clear, quart-sized bag. But what happens when a liquid becomes a solid? It’s allowed, so long as the item is “frozen solid when presented for screening,” according to the TSA. And we don’t mean frozen on the way to slushie—no, we mean completely frozen, as the TSA also states that any items that are “partially melted, slushy, or have any liquid at the bottom of the container” will be subjected to the aforementioned 3-1-1 rule. As always, the TSA agent has the final say on whether or not the frozen item passes muster.

We’ll admit, it would take some Mission: Impossible-style hijinks to arrive at an airport with an item that’s frozen completely, totally, actually solid, and one that doesn’t begin sweating while you wait (and wait) in what is inevitably a lengthy security line—but hey, it could spice up the airport experience. Yet another reason to invest in TSA PreCheck, we say.

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