How to maximize your airfare savings this holiday season

So-called ‘drip pricing’ can make it difficult to determine the total cost of airline tickets and vacation rentals.
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If you’re flying over the holidays this winter, you’ll want to start flight shopping soon. Because according to travel comparison site Hipmunk, the best deals will expire by mid-October. 

Want to really double down on savings this holiday season? For American travelers flying over US Thanksgiving, Hipmunk recommends booking your flight in early October to see savings of up to 23 percent. 

But if you can travel on the day of Thanksgiving, you could also save up to 21 percent compared to the most expensive departure date, Thanksgiving “Eve.” 

The same formula applies for Christmas travel. 

Book by the week of Oct. 15 and flyers can shave up to 25 percent off their flight. Traveling on Christmas Day can also save flyers another 20 percent compared to Friday, Dec. 21, the most expensive departure date. 

Other flight savings strategies include flying into an alternate airport, choosing basic economy instead of coach, and setting fare alerts to track the best prices for your destinations. 

If you're flying over the holidays this winter, you'll want to start flight shopping soon, says Hipmunk.
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