Ignite your senses on a gastronomic tour of Andalucía

Ignite your senses – and regain your love of travel – on a gastronomic tour of Andalucía (with free COVID insurance thrown in!)

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Some of our greatest holiday memories are tied to unforgettable flavours, and scents so powerful they’re practically pinned to our nostrils.

In a year when travel has never felt further away and the thought of another cancelled trip has put us off planning, those sensory memories have almost been enough to take us back.

Make Andalucía your next European getaway (pictured: Zahara Reservoir)

But there’s one destination where those dreams can be a reality again in 2021. For a whole year, visitors to Andalucía on the southern coast of Spain will get free Covid-19 travel insurance. 

That means medical expenses are covered* as well as extended stays if one of you needs to quarantine. 

So, when you make Andalucía your next European getaway, the only thing you’ll need to worry about is where to find the best tapas…

Let the flavours guide you on four unforgettable routes of this rich and diverse region (pictured: Grazalema)

Known for its gastronomical delights, the southernmost spot on the Iberian Peninsula is where food is so tied to the rich cultural heritage that taste is more of a journey than a fleeting experience.

From the Andalusian wines, which remain faithful to thousand-year-old traditions, to the famous gazpacho, introduced by the Romans, and the plentiful orange, olive and almond trees that were planted by The Moors during their 800-year reign, the region owes plenty to its ancestors.

As such, there isn’t just one way to see Andalucía, there are many. Let the flavours guide you on four unforgettable routes of this rich and diverse region.

The Wine Route

Take a tour of the local vineyards

Sample the huge range of wines produced here

High-quality wines are produced in Andalucía thanks to the types of soils, the light winds from the Atlantic Ocean and the annual 3,200 hours of sunshine in south-westerly regions such as Jerez and El Puerto de Santa María.

The Wine And Marco de Jerez Brandy Route takes you to the birthplace of some of the most celebrated Spanish wines and brandies, such as the Fino, Moscatel and Manzanilla, all of which demonstrate the strength and flavour that can be made here.

That being said, the wine route is not just a taste of the produce but of a wine region, centuries in the making. 

Taste locally produced delicacies as you explore the region’s Wine Cathedrals

The landscape of Jerez is dotted with wine cellars so prestigious they are dubbed ‘Wine Cathedrals’ where a prolonged ageing process takes place under stillness and low lighting. 

Here, you’ll find some of the oldest wines in the world, that have spent up to 30 years benefitting from a process that has an even longer history.

The Ham Route

Cured Iberian ham is a staple of the local cuisine

A perfect pairing for Andalusian dry white wine, cured Iberian ham is a hallmark of Spanish food and one that you’ll find in just about every tapas restaurant across the southern region.

The Jabugo Route centres on the Province of Huelva, where the breeding of Iberian pigs has been a way of life for many hundreds of years. 

See first-hand how the animals roam free in the Mediterranean forest living off the corn from the trees, then visit the manufacturing areas to witness how the long-established process of curing and ageing the meats gets that salty taste just right!

The Cheese Route

Cheese lovers will enjoy making their way across Andalucía

Traditionally considered a treat in the Mediterranean diet, cheeses are not overconsumed here but the ones produced in Andalucía are packed with strength and flavour so you never need too much.

Cheese lovers will enjoy making their way across Andalucía via workshops on traditional cheese-making accompanied, of course, by the tastings. 

There’s also a year-long calendar of cheese events, which include April’s Andalusian Craft Cheese Fair in Villaluenga del Rosario (Cadiz), September’s Cheese Fair in Zuheros (Cordoba), the October Craft Cheese Fair in Teba (Malaga) and the Cheese Fair in Baena (Cordoba) and Craft Cheese Market in Aracena (Huelva) in November and December, respectively.

The Fish Route

Andalucía is well-known for mouth-wateringly fresh seafood

With 800 kilometres of coastline, it’s little wonder that Andalucía is well-known for mouth-wateringly fresh seafood. Delicacies include the local anchovies, prawns and tuna, the latter of which inspires the Route Almadraba Tuna.

For holidays between May and June, you’ll witness Cadiz in the grips of fishing the largest tuna species in the world, Bluefin Tuna, just off the coast. Considered a ‘spectacular fishing art’, the tuna is caught using ‘almadraba’ nets, which were invented an incredible 3,000 years ago. 

Thanks to the tradition and annual buzz about the ancient port city, it brings next-level excitement for the locals that you can only truly appreciate in person.

Enjoy Anadalucia with complete peace of mind

  • FREE insurance for non-resident international travellers
  • Applies to stays in regulated accommodation
  • Valid between January 1 and 31 December 2021
  • Covers medical, surgical, prescription charges and hospitalisation 
  • Extension of stay due to quarantine restrictions covered

Find out more at andalucia.org/en/travel-assistance-insurance 

*Medical cover up to £3,632 (€4,000), with £90 (€100) excess.   

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