‘I’m a cruise worker – sex is forbidden so crew have to get crafty to bonk’

A cruise worker has revealed that while sex between passengers and the crew are forbidden on every major cruise line that doesn’t mean that it doesn’t happen. Plus, bonking among the workers is common.

The anonymous cruise worker had been staffing cruise ships for four years when they made the revelation on social media. Taking to Reddit, they answered a question about sex lives in the travel industry.

Whether it’s flight attendants, cruise staff or yachts those who work in the travel world have a bit of a reputation for being sex mad and getting it on while at work. This may be because the working conditions often mean that the staff bunk together and share rooms on-board their various modes of transport.

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The cruise worker explained that the sex lives of those on cruise ships varied wildly from tame romantic relationships to breaking company rules. The question posed to the workers asked: "Redditors who work on cruise ships, what's your sex life like? Do you bang each other? The passengers?"

In response, the cruise worker said: "Hookups and relationships of all stripes happen, probably more regularly than the average person on land given the crews' fondness for binge drinking, but not to the insane degree you read about online. Between the crazy hours, lack of sleep, omnipresent roommates and simply the fact that you have to live and work with each other for anything up to nine months at a time, most people aren't bed hopping every night."

They added that "sleeping with passengers is a major no-no" because "it's pretty much an instant firing and blacklist from the industry". However, that doesn't mean crew are always on their best behaviour.

The anonymous worker admitted that crew still find crafty ways to sleep with passengers without getting caught. They explained: "So naturally it still happens, but anyone taking the risk is usually not going to be stupid enough to mention it to anybody at all (because nothing stays secret on ships) until after they've handed in their resignation and got their feet back on home soil."

Another cruise worker added their thoughts on the topic too and said: "I did a tour on a cruise ship over a decade ago. We were not allowed to fraternise with passengers, at all. Strictly forbidden.

"We were encouraged to sleep with fellow crew, however. There were two crew bars. One was kinda like a night club and the other was more like a dive. There was a lot of crazy shit that went on.

"I slept with two girls in those five months, one was a heat of the moment kinda thing, after a night at the club bar. The other one kinda turned into a relationship for the next few months and we were exclusive until she disembarked and I never saw her again."

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